4NEW :The very first waste to energy conversion blockchain solution

Well, there’s the first time for everything, and this time, we believe it is an interesting idea. 4New is the world’s first eco-friendly blockchain solution for waste to energy conversion. So what is this company all about?

4New is the first waste to energy conversion blockchain solution that is both tangible and eco-friendly, so it’s no wonder people all around the world are thrilled by it. At the moment, 4New is offering coins for people interested in investing. Those investors would put their funds into the first-ever waste to energy treatment and conversion facility. Plus, this entire thing will be blockchain-based.

What is 4NEW exactly?

This company is based on the notion that waste to energy conversion is a must. They claim that they can solve many problems the world is facing at the moment. And some things are undeniable – like the fact that there’s more waste than we can handle, and that we are running out of energy. 4New claims to be able to remedy these issues in such a way that both the people and the environment will benefit from it.

The supply chain will look like this – waste collection, waste conversion, and an electricity generating process. All the electricity that is produced this way will be sold to the national grid.

Why is this lucrative?

4New isn’t only a groundbreaking manner for waste reduction and electricity production, it is also rather utilitarian on its own. We all use electricity on a regular basis, and let’s be honest – the human species will never stop producing waste. That’s exactly why this project has an incredible potential to be lucrative.

4New sees it in a very simple way – rather than trying to reduce the energy people consume, or trying to reduce the amount of waste we all produce; why not use both those facts? Why not harness the energy all this waste can produce? That is what drives them.

4New claims that they are able to integrate the waste disposal process with blockchain tech. Then, they will convert it to energy units and then sell those.


4New will be offering coins from October to December 2017. This decentralized blockchain network will use 4New Coins as their currency. You will be able to use this currency for every acquiring and selling waste and energy transaction on this platform. 4New ledger will contain every transaction, and it will display an auditable journal of each and every transaction 4New does. Everyone involved with these transactions will be able to access the ledger entry. That makes this project both transparent and highly controllable. This ledger idea is a good solution for potential disputes, revenue leakage, and reconciliation issues.

In the end

4New makes a bold claim that they will standardize both energy and waste industries. They believe these two industries are in dire need of integration of new technologies and innovations. They plan for their coins to become the global currency of consumers and peers for any energy or waste related services. What we really like is the fact that 4New offers an entire wealth of insight into their development plans, and their company itself.

When you talk about an ICO, you have to look into the team behind it, and according to 4New, the team behind this innovational plan is amazing. They claim to have more than 300 years of combined experience. Another amazing thing? Their research team claims the will be able to provide up to 20% savings to their consumers. Among their promises are the promise to have zero environmental impact, and to comply with all standardized best practices and all government regulations.

4New doesn’t only offer tangible value, it is also fully blockchain integrated. They plan to have a highly-regulated platform for industry trading, and top-notch Smart Meters.

Links of interest:

Website: https://4new.co.uk/

Facebook: https://fb.me/4newcoin