Arguably no other sophisticated global recognized technology covers mobile games, internet, advertising, video and other industries than Egretia. Egretia has been dubbed as a great project and the first HTML5 Blockchain platform engine in the world. The only technology that envisions a better gaming world by bringing 200,000 developers and 1 billion HTML5 devices to the blockchain technology.

Egretia is an HTML5 based technology coveted for its cross-platform capabilities that cut across industries enabling them to create transformative business models that ease and secures the way businesses are conducted.

Even though it has brought tremendous changes in the gaming industry such as removing cut throat bottlenecks in-game performances, traffic compatibility and game management- that were commonly witnessed problems in online games- Egretia is evidently not limited to the gaming industry.

Since it is based on blockchain technology, Egretia has found a niche in healthcare, finance and banking and many more industries as well. It is a collaboration of Egret technology-that is a well reputed HTML5 technology to provide solutions that different businesses and industries require. For instance, Egretia delivers a globally unified payment solution and secured storage of virtual assets. Such unnecessary transactional risks had given nightmares to the companies across different industries in the past.

How is Egretia transforming the gaming world?

Egretia is a rapidly growing technology incubated in the gaming industry. It is providing unique solutions like ensuring that games being played are fair. This is also good news for game developers because in the past HTML5 did not provide a suitable way of protecting intellectual rights for properties of HTML5.

Egretia nonetheless, is providing an effective way of securing these property rights that serves as a way of motivating developers to develop high-end gaming products.

Features of Egretia shaping the gaming world

Apart from securing intellectual rights and property, the Egretian blockchain lab instituted unique features in the Egretia’s platform that is transforming the gaming world. The key features of Egretia are:

The Digital token

Egretia is a platform that uses a digital token or otherwise known as Egreten. Egreten is a token that circulates in all the HTML5 applications around the world. It is a token used to connect to different games. The players can use it to buy and sell virtual assets in a secure manner.

Use Proof of Stake as the mechanism for Consensus

The Egretia uses a consensus mechanism known as proof of stake to describe users in every transaction or game accurately. It is used to build system credits such that users can communicate efficiently and securely with others, establish relationships and even trade virtual assets without undue risks. This mechanism helps in creating effective ecosystems for the gamers.

Self-developed public Chain

The consensus mechanism brings us to another unique feature of Egretia known as self-developed public chain whose primary objective is to optimize the performance of games built in HTML5. This feature helps developers to come up with applications that are blockchain based by using the Egret tools and blockchain technology interface.

Game Performance

This public chain harnesses the processing power of Egretia technology to ensure that the performance needs for every game in the HTML5 platform are optimized. Even though Egretia uses the DPoS mechanism to support numerous transactions in the initial test chain, it is expected that these transactions will speedily increase with TPS in the future.

An efficient tool for developers

Despite the random growth of HTML5 technology, developers are counting several drawbacks using HTML5 as a standalone technology for developing gaming products. That is why Egret technology collaborated with HTML5 to bring about a blockchain based platform and engine that is convenient, simple and efficient to use. Additionally, Egretia allows for real-time change of system parameters without bifurcation as it is based on consensus.


Finally, these features were developed by a team of experienced game and app developers. A world class team of game developers and applications distributors with over 40 million active monthly subscribers that are expected to double up shortly. Well, with their experience and the evidence of unique features of Egretia, do we not expect breathtaking changes to transform the gaming world?

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