Looking at how widespread fraud is in the advertising ecosystem, you will agree with the rest of the advertising world, powerless publishers and assaulted advertisers, that the only way to beat the highly fraudulent advertising platform is through the use of a sophisticated system that runs on transparent, secure and fraud-free blockchain technology.

One of these ecosystems is Adbank, an ecosystem that is built on several layers with the Adbank token (ADB) at its center. The ecosystem is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The core services of Adbank are created as an interface between the blockchain and other systems necessary for the fulfillment of all the needs of the advertising platform. This system allows for the products and the solutions to be built in the transitional ways, in the process, it eases the development process.

ADB Token

The ADB token is the cornerstone of the new advertising economy of the world that your company wishes to build.

How do the tokens work?

The ADB token represents ads or an ad. The publishers sell the ads to the advertisers using the currency of this newly established ad economy. This takes place in a real-time bidding system.

As an advertiser, you would have to buy the ADB tokens to pay the publishers. When your ad gets displayed on a publisher site, based on the results of the automatic bidding system, you transfer an amount of ADB tokens to the publisher. The publishers earn tokens for displaying ads and hold the tokens, redeem or use the tokens to purchase an analytics package.

Bundling of the transactions on the Adbank system is in a way that the ethereum blockchain is in no way overwhelmed by the transactions. All the data of the individual transactions are kept off the chain to avoid the costs associated with the data and processing on the blockchain. You or the publisher, or any other person on the system can access the optional analytic packages.

  • Trustworthy insights

Thanks to an ecosystem built on the ethereum blockchain and the use of artificial intelligence with additional access multiple data sources, as well as Adbank’s ability to work as a third party developer, you have the assurance of the best analytics services with remarkable analytics.

You can also trust the insights and the analytics of the system as the system offers a high level of transparency and integrity. It is built on an AI-based antifraud system ensuring that you access genuine analytics. Also, the AI system draws upon an unprecedented source of data for thorough analysis and fraud detection.

By making use of several modules, the antifraud AI determines if a series of fraud inductors have taken place and then it dispatches a report. The reports are reviewed by a person who confirms actual cases of fraud, and then the system gets flagged.

  • End-user participation

Adbank’s system will allow you, the end user to participate in the system. You can act as a reviewer for the AI generated anti-fraud reports and in the process. You earn ADB tokens.

You can also buy tokens outright like any other person on the network. And, that isn’t all – you will also get to download and install web browser plugins which allow suppression of ads on your favorite website if the use Adbank. As a result, the end user participates as an advertiser.

  • Openly available API

These are the core modules for the software and the databases to manage the basic elements ad transactions and real-time bidding, end-user accounts, publishers, affiliates, advertisers, payment processing, data logging, analytics, warehousing, antifraud, and all ethereum transactions. As a result, Adbank can make the API available on various devices and platforms.

  • Third party development

Since Adbank is an openly available API, other ad networks and third parties can develop applications on the Adbank ecosystem

  • Metadata

The system keeps logs of all data and metadata of transactions and then avails the data to the analytics and the anti-fraud systems.

As a result, publishers make more profits, advertisers pay less and get more, ad fraud reduces, and all operations run on a transparent platform.

Links of interest:

Website: http://adbank.network

Announcement Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/Adbank


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