Investing has become more accessible with the creation of Nousplatform. Here, investors get to control their portfolio without entrusting a third party with the task of purchasing or selling equity shares. The platform’s currency is Nous Tokens; this is what both investment funds and investors trade using. These utility tokens are available for purchase at crypto exchanges. The ERC20 token has the same advantages as Ethereum, and therefore a person can use a single wallet for all their tokens.

Liquidation is also hustle-free. An investor can receive Nous tokens at the rate of the time of the transaction. With Nousplatform, an investor can select several funds that have different portfolios. That allows for diversification of risk. It is almost unheard of for an investor to have such a wide selection of investments funds within a single platform to choose from. It makes it easy to assess risk and make beneficial decisions.

A decision is not based on what an investment fund says. A feature that makes Nous your likely investment platform is that a fund’s statistics are available in the blockchain. An investor can be assured that the data is not manipulated. After assessing information about a fund an investor is interested in, depending on what the statistics reveal, they can either choose to invest or look for another portfolio. No information is private; it is available for anyone to view. The smart contract open source code is also in the public domain.

The data captured shows a fund’s profitability within a given timeframe. Any portfolio modification such as acquisition or redemption gets logged as well. Additional information includes a fund’s capital in relations to what investors have put in, number of tokens in reserve and the liquidity index. There are tools available on the platform that allows you analyze and evaluate a fund. The reports can be accessed by anyone.

With any investment platform, simplicity is vital. A platform should be user-friendly. The ease with which a person can deposit or withdraw funds is essential. An investor also doesn’t have to deal with bureaucratic systems to invest or get their funds. Investors also don’t have to be loaded to buy tokens to start trading. Anyone interested in cryptocurrency and investment funds can take part.

There are four types of investment funds for people to invest. These are open-ended investment funds, closed-ended investment funds, family trust fund, charitable fund, and venture capital fund. What you invest in largely falls on what you prefer. There are however restrictions when it comes to family trusts; only certain people get to participate.

Future addition to the platform

Nousplatform plan on creating a merchant that will allow investors to purchase goods and services using their equity shares. That is assuming that they are transacting with the same entity they have invested in. The company hopes that such an approach will change the relationship between buyer and seller for the better. The money will no longer have to change hands. Instead, there will be tokenized barter.

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