The cryptocurrency market is vast, and it keeps growing. Just try and do a search on the platforms, the currencies, the projects in works related to this – they just don’t end. So it’s naturally difficult to choose where and how to invest, and more importantly, why. Therefore, in an effort to aid your search, we will present a new project that you might consider giving a shot – AIDA.

What might AIDA be, you ask? How is it any different from all the other blockchain-based platforms out there? Stick around, and you shall find out.

AIDA, the Project

AIDA is a new start-up company that boasts being a “global peer-to-peer service” whose volume well exceeds 1.5 trillion US dollars. In simpler terms, it is a service that provides an automated platform for sales, with a stated goal of eliminating the need for intermediaries. The main focus happens to be construction at the moment, but based on their roadmap, they aim to expand. Naturally, you can find all of the relevant info on their main page, at

How AIDA functions

The idea is simple, and it encompasses two main areas. The first is automation. Considering that AIDA is built in Ethereum blockchain, you know that it means Smart contracts. You will gain access to everything a potential supplier or seller is offering, without third party involvement. The contracts get drafted automatically, with every necessary detail stored in memory. You will spend less time and effort arranging these, and as the old adage goes – time is money.

The other main area is security. The information you input via AIDA is for your eyes only, and potentially for those of your supplier of choice. Using the blockchain will benefit both the supplier and yourself in this area, as everything, from contract drafting to paying, is transparent.

Investing in AIDA

Before we venture into this topic, we need to discuss the AID tokens first.


As is the case with all cryptocurrency companies, AIDA has its own token, the AID. Its current value is $0.25, meaning that you can purchase four for $1 in fiat. AIDA sells them in initial coin offering, or ICO. The token distribution goes as follows. Out of all available tokens, 76% are for sale. Of the remaining lot, 20% go to the development team. Exactly 3% go to the partners, and 1% is bounty.

ICO Sales

Pre-ICO Sale

This sale started in early January, and it’s ending on February 27th of this year. You can purchase AID tokens in various ways – in fiat ($US), ETH, BTC, BCC, and LTC. Prices in all of these are on the project’s website. A single person can buy an unlimited amount of tokens. Minimum transactions for fiat are $100, but $20 for cryptocurrency ones. Regarding the maximum, it’s $500 for fiat and unlimited for cryptocurrency transactions. Bonuses are +15%. The return period is the entire pre-ICO sale, and all bonuses will be returned with zero cost, then destroyed.

ICO Sale

The main ICO sale will take place on February 28th and end on March 25th of this year. Nearly everything is identical price-wise to the pre-ICO sale. That means all the minimum and maximum transactions retain the same prices. However, there are notable differences. The bonuses during the main sale will be 10% until the end date of March 25th. From March to April 25th, though, they will drop further to 5%. This date in April will also be the final date for returns. What you must note is that you can only return the tokens purchased during the main sale.

Overall Overview of AIDA

Based on preliminary reviews and the team behind the project, AIDA looks promising. They are very transparent with their plans and goals, which is not only admirable, but desirable. Having a blockchain-built platform to conduct sales in a safe, secure and professional manner is a must, especially for the construction industry, which cites many problems that directly have to do with sales.

The sales will last for a while, and you can own an unlimited amount of AID tokens. If you’re still indecisive, though, scroll over the Team section of the project’s website. You will see professionals in fields of both blockchain technology and construction and many more. AIDA has a dedicated crew of experts behind it, and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping. So if you’re willing, invest in AIDA now at .


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