Construction is important, chiefly because we need safe and secure housing. And that’s just housing, that’s not counting bridges, buildings, etc. And for the construction to be solid, you need the best of material. Getting this material is already a chore in so many ways. But with AIDA, all of this can be made easier.

AIDA is an online service that aims to deliver automated sales and deliveries with zero intermediaries. Their goal is to provide this for everyone involved in sales of construction material – customers, producers, logisticians, warehouses, and network partners. Whether you’re an individual working on your own little project or a major construction company, AIDA will aid you. You can find more info on the inner workings of the project at their official website But one major takeaway from this is that they will be using blockchain technology to achieve this. More on that in a moment.

The Issues the Modern Construction Industry Faces

Naturally, AIDA did not come out of thin air. The project is a result of numerous ideas by experts who have been working in construction for a long time. Thus, they had the best possible insight into what some of the construction industry’s problems can be.

And there is no shortage of problems. Corruption within the supply departments is commonplace, and suppliers can sell the employees overpriced products and ruin a solid project. Another major issue is shipment tracking and control. Imagine if you had a vast company that does business with hundreds, if not thousands of intermediaries. Something is bound to be lost or go wrong, inevitably so.

The number(s) of intermediaries also directly play into possibly the biggest problem. That would be the flow of paperwork. Contracts, invoices, tax papers, consignment notes – all of this loses its way in the bureaucratic sea of utter despair. And large companies are fully aware what can happen if paperwork as much as smells incomplete or poorly filed.

So Why AIDA?

Simple. AIDA will make all of these problems 100% easier to handle. Or more precisely, you will no longer have them. Considering it’s built on Ethereum blockchain, AIDA will utilize the so-called Smart contracts. These contracts have their terms built-in and are self-executing. Right there you can see the first improvement – no intermediaries. You handle the contract directly with the other side.

When AIDA is up and running, you will have access to a fully automated platform for selling materials for construction. Additionally, you will have access to a list of suppliers and the prices for their products. This way both you and the supplier have absolute transparency regarding payment. A system of processing orders and production will also be in place.

Initial Coin Offering, the AID

Naturally, this project involves cryptocurrency. AIDA introduced their ERC20 token called AID. They offer AID in initial coin offering (ICO), and a single US dollar can get you four AID tokens.

The pre-ICO sale had already started in early January and ends on 27th of February. The ICO sale, on the other hand, starts a day later and ends on May 25th. Most transaction info is the same for both sales. The price for AID is the same, and you can pay in several different currencies - ETH, BTC, BCC, LTC, and of course USD. There are no limits to the number of tokens an individual can buy.

Minimum transaction amounts for fiat and for cryptocurrencies are $100 and $20 respectively. The maximum amount for fiat is $500, and limitless for cryptocurrencies. During the ICO sale, the number of tokens will be infinite. Now for the bonuses – they are +15% in pre-ICO, and will be returned at zero cost and then destroyed. The entire pre-ICO period is viable for returns. Regarding ICO, bonuses will be 10% until the end date, and 5% from the end date to 25th of April. This is also the date when you can return tokens, but only the ones you bought during the ICO sale. Like in pre-ICO, bonuses will be returned at zero cost and destroyed after.

Alright, AIDA it is, then

A wise choice. If you require additional information about AIDA, most of it is on their official website, including the roadmap, the whitepaper, and more sale details. AIDA – you cannot go wrong.



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