Arcona's initial coin offering (ICO) has been long announced and widely promoted. The first step came in shape of a private pre-ICO sale that generated $650k from private investors. After a Christmas pre-sale which ended on December 27 2017, ICO has finally commenced on January 25 2018. It will run until February 25.

Here we will take a look at Arcona Augmented Reality, what it promises and aims to achieve and provide.

What is Arcona AR and how does the economy behind it work?

The Arcona Augmented Reality Ecosystem aims to bring together the tangible and the virtual world. In doing so, it strives to create an environment which is seamlessly synced with the world we inhabit.

This ecosystem relies on blockchain technology, whereby the use of smart contracts promises protection of copyrights and automated payments to programmers and content creators alike. Thus, digital landowners' rights are guaranteed to be protected.

Arcona ecosystem's main resource is digital land. The Ethereum smart contract stipulates its rules. One can buy a piece (lot) of the land with use of an ERC20 standard token - arcona.

As of now, Arcona have announced that the results of the ICO will determine the overall supply of tokens. However, this number will not be over 135m Arcona tokens, at a price of 0.0025 ETH per token.

With the upcoming ICO, Arcona aims to draw everyday users to get on board and take part in an interactive experience. With that in mind, the platform serves a versatile range of purposes and needs. Examples of possible use include ad placement, game development, art installations, educational projects, hospitality business ventures, etc. Since the prospect of implementing augmented reality can apply to a more or less unlimited number of fields, this list goes on.

What is the purpose of owning land?

Basically, the digital land bears striking similarities with actual, physical properties. You can use it, rent it and, most importantly, link it via AR with a concrete space.

With the use of AR, you can organize a small-scale project in the vicinity of your physical residence or, say, a major business venture on a different continent. The thing in common is that for either of those you will require digital land to carry it out. And by owning (or renting) digital land, you will be able to organize it according to your own rules and monitor it from a distant location. Hence, mobility is another very important feature of this platform. With the use of AR devices, tablets and smartphones, people will get the most of their ideas or businesses.

The Arcona token will be the official means of payment when using the platform. With the token, you will be able to buy services and digital goods and as for rewards, they will also come as tokens. Each participant in the platform who owns an ERC20 Arcona Augmented Reality token is guaranteed to receive rent payments when other AR programs of the ecosystem are using the property.

Significance of blockchain technology

As we've previously noted, the Arcona Augmented Reality Ecosystem is blockchain-powered. What does that mean? Well, blockchain acts as a ledger that identifies the owner of assets (software, land, content, etc). This technology guarantees property right protection to digital land owners in the Arcona ecosystem. Thus, all transactions will be transparent, reliable and mobile.

This is not least due to the fact that the system uses the Ethereum cryptocurrency which brings legitimacy and validity to the table.

The Arcona Augmented Reality ICO in a nutshell

  • Price per token: 1 USD

  • Hard cap set at $50 million

  • Pre-sale took place November 27- December 27 2017

  • ICO: January 25 - February 25 2018

  • Following ICO, no additional tokens will be issued


PiligrimXXI, the start-up behind Arcona, has been developing this platform since 2015. After much experience gained in the world of AR and VR, with this platform they are now bringing together AR and blockchain. This combo appears to be very promising, with all the technical developments occurring at breakneck speed.

That in mind, and the methods of payment regulated as described above, the ongoing ICO is a legitimate business opportunity. If you've already missed out on the pre-sale, we advise you to check out this platform and whether it can suit your current and future needs.


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