Biggest Wealth-Distribution System Ever

Biggest Wealth-Distribution System Ever

In an interview, a cryptocurrency miner from Kenya, Eugene Mutai described “the entire [cryptocurrency] ecosystem” as “the biggest wealth-distribution system ever.”

Mutai is a young Kenyan who managed to make his way out of poverty to become a programmer and technology consultant. He is now planning to enter into global financial markets by using the cryptocurrency.

A Kenyan Miner Has Described Cryptocurrency as A Biggest Wealth-Distribution System Ever

28-year-old Mutai says thanks to cryptocurrency by stating, “big players can’t deny anyone from participating in the financial system.”

A significant portion of his house is dedicated to cryptocurrency mining hardware. One interesting thing to be noted here is that he didn’t even know about bitcoin a year ago.

Mutai was highly interested in technology. He borrowed a phone from his friend and taught himself the basic HTML and CSS. At that time, he was living in the village of his mother and had barely enough money to survive.

His family moved from city to village after his last year in high school when his mother lost her job, and his two brothers were passed away. As part of his determination to improve the quality of his life, he moved to Nairobi to live with his uncle who had a computer with a wifi connection.

He spent several months learning how to code and was able to land a job with his new skills. He became a consultant for a local incubator iHub and Nairobi County Government. He currently works at Andela, a company which trains developers and engineers in Africa.

He is running six 1080 TI graphics cards for his mining operations and plans to add two more GPUs. His monthly power bill of $200 is higher than the average in Nairobi.

He has also started investing in initial coin offerings (ICOs). He describes that he feels like a small venture capitalist. He says,

“They say no-risk, no-return, and I’m willing to take the risk”