Whether you’re new to Bitcoin, or have been involved in the Bitcoin community since the beginning, you’ve probably noticed that there definitely isn’t a shortage of Bitcoin resources and tools out there. But have you also found that not every resource is useful, well-made, or good for your information needs? We have, and we’re here to help you find the signal in all that noise.

New Bitcoin resources come on our radar every day: the good, the bad, the time-tested, the upstarts. Some resources are flashy and visually interesting, others are simple and straightforward. Over time, we’ve found certain resources that we recommend time and time again, and come back to for our own research and information needs. This list is a compendium of our 15 favorite Bitcoin resources. You’re sure to find a resource in here that you’ll love and make one of your favorites!

Blockchain.info is our top resource for charts, stats, and market data. If we could only use one chart and stat tool, this would be it.

CoinDesk is a frequently updated news site with content on a wide range of topics, from business to society and lifestyle. This is our go-to resource when we want to see what’s going on with Bitcoin news and trends.

Quora is a Q&A site with a popular Bitcoin section. We use it to keep up with information gaps in the Bitcoin community and as a way to identify potential experts and those in the know.

Bitcoin Warrior is an interesting read and one we check frequently. It’s a good mix of news, opinion, and education. There’s something here for everyone.

Bitcoin Pulse is an interesting tracking of Bitcoin adoption and growth and monitors investors, jobs, posts, downloads, and other factors on sites such as AngelList and GitHub. It’s a valuable resource for keeping current on the factors that affect Bitcoin adoption and a great a way to track the popularity and growth of Bitcoin, aside from prices and trading volume.

Press releases might not sound exciting but they can be valuable resources for staying on top of trends and new developments. Bitcoin PR Buzz is a site you shouldn’t overlook when researching new trends and products in the Bitcoin economy.

Social Science Research Network (SSRN)  is a repository of multi-disciplinary research and you can find a quite a bit of Bitcoin and digital currency research papers and studies here. This is one of our top sources when looking for new, open-access academic research on Bitcoin.

Map of Coins is described as a “visualized history of the crypto currency world from the first bitcoin whitepaper up to present days.” Simply click on month in the sidebar and you’re shown a mind-map like clickable image of the altcoins in existence at that time. Click on a currency name and information on the currency is displayed, including links to code. Overall, a valuable and recommended resource with lots of potential research applications.

BitLegal bills itself as “the easiest way to explore the evolving regulatory landscape of virtual currency around the world”, and that summation is far from being hyperbolic. It really couldn’t get much easier than this. The main feature of BitLegal is a color-coded map. Each country BitLegal has regulatory information for is color-coded according to whether the country’s views and regulations towards virtual currencies are Permissive, Contentious, or Hostile.

This Bitcoin crowdfunding site is useful if you want to fund a project, of course, but another value we see in it is as a way to see what the future might hold for Bitcoin in the form of new trends and projects that might be in the pipeline.

This is a great educational resource we recommend to new and experienced Bitcoin users alike. Go here for primary sources. The Complete Satoshi section is a great intro on how and where Bitcoin began with emails and forum posts from the elusive bitcoin creator  among other primary documents.

BitcoinX is another tool and chart resource. We like the one page dashboard that offers news, exchange rates, and hash rates among other stats and data.

Bitcoin Not Bombs focuses on the social entrepreneurism and non-profit side of the Bitcoin world. The blog is a great way to keep up with a side of the Bitcoin economy you might not see published or highlighted elsewhere.

The LOC Bitcoin survey is a detailed report on Bitcoin regulation in 40 jurisdictions. The data is regularly updated as the regulatory environment evolves, but the LOC also publishes a compiled regulatory report (the latest version is from January 2014). We like to use the compiled, published report as a starting point for regulation research; it’s a nice baseline to compare current regulatory conditions to conditions at a fixed point in history.

Sometimes one of the best sources of information is the public, and Bitcoin Talk is a goldmine of information on what’s currently happening in the Bitcoin world and how the Bitcoin community is reacting to changes, trends, and breaking news. This huge community offers a wealth of opinions and discussions on almost any Bitcoin related topic imaginable. You’re sure to find a topic of interest here.

So, that’s our picks for the top Bitcoin resources out there. Do you have a favorite resource? Let us know in the comments.


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