Bitmora: An overview of the first digital asset exchange

With the growth of the cryptocurrency economy, a lot of companies have stepped up to the challenge of filling existing gaps. Bitmora is the first digital asset exchange that’s built and run by the community. They do so by taking ideas from the traders and make them a reality. The company will launch a mobile application where traders can participate, get round the clock support and vote. The fee system is both fixed and based on percentages and offers cheap trading costs for accounts of any volume.

To emphasize the spirit of ownership, the team communicates with traders in the community daily to gain insight on the features of the exchange. Depending on the feedback, and if the idea is reasonable, Bitmora will work to make it happen. This way, system users get to vote on new ideas and features, and whatever wins gets implemented. This inclusivity is quite like anything we’ve seen in the crypto market.

Cryptocurrency trading made easy

The nature of trading requires fast decisions, so the Bitmora system is designed to process information at lightning speeds. That way, you can buy and sell assets at the price you want. An aspect that puts people off when it comes to cryptocurrency exchange is the fee one has to pay to participate. The company has set up two fee systems that, depending on the volume and trading type you have, you’re able to select the more affordable one.

With that taken care of, what you’ll most likely enjoy about trading with them is their modern interface. Whether on your mobile phone or the desktop, you’ll have an easy time analyzing, controlling, buying and selling your investments. The interface doesn’t intimidate beginners, but experienced users also find it compelling. When Bitmora goes live, their team promises to give traders live phone support and quick ticket response time.

A vigorous security system

In the age of cybercrime, security is an integral part of their asset exchange. The system is developed so that funds never go missing; such an occurrence is likely to diminish the trust the traders have placed in the company. Information sent to the server goes through an advances firewall guard by a gateway. A state of the art firewall protects all their operation, including their auditing and OMS. When an issue gets discovered during a routine check, it’s dealt with immediately.

Cold storage funds, once the company is in operation, will be divided into several undisclosed locations around the world. In addition to this safety measure, resources will be protected by various access control software and systems. Enterprise DDoS protection and routine audits also take place as part of the preparedness against attacks. To access their facilities and cold stores, you need an array of security clearances. An iris and temperature verified fingerprint scan is required, and a voice and 3D facial recognition clear you to get in.

Is it legit?

If you’ve never heard of Bitmora, it’s easy to doubt their legitimacy. Should you be interested in taking part, you can go ahead. The company is registered C-Corp as Bitmora Inc. in the USA. Under FinCEN, it is MBS, KYC and AML policy compliant and has firm bank agreements backing it. Globally, they meet the legal requirements in the jurisdictions where they allow their customers to register and trade, As part of their accountability practice, financial data, volume exchange, and fees reports will be made available for download on the website.

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