How Bitmora is taking ‘power to the people’

No economy runs flawlessly, and cryptocurrency is no exception. This fact does not, however, mean that people conform. On such company that is finding innovative ways to tackle problems is Bitmora. They specifically have a system that gives traders a say the features that’ll improve their user experience on the first-ever digital exchange platform.

Voting system

Bitmora feels that current cryptocurrency executives are not running their exchange with real regard for all the actual needs of the user. Their system, therefore, seeks to get opinions from users as to what they think is best for the future of the cryptocurrency economy. Popular suggestions are weighted against the views of the board of advisors and their influencers.

The process to change begins with a user posting an idea on one of the suggesting boards. Twenty of the most upvoted suggestions at the lapse of a bi-weekly deadline get forwarded for voting in a private group. If an opinion receives 50% approval ratings, the suggested idea moves for review from Birmora Influencer Group. Even if there is a no-vote, the recommendation still gets reviewed.

The group then select what they, as per their expertise, think the Advising Board should focus on. Again, in case there’s a no-vote, the top five suggested comments from private voting will be passed on for deliberation. From the board, the suggestion with the most votes lands on the Executive Team for final approval or declination. Should the latter happened, a statement of explanation is released, and the appropriate way forward discussed by the Influencer Group and the Advising board.

Though this is a long chain for a suggestion to pass through, the various stages act to safeguard both the interests of the users and what’s best for the company.

On every other Friday, suggestions will be cleared. One user can post multiple recommendations, and those previously declined still get to feature. The current number of upvotes required for a proposal to pass is at 5%, but this is subject to change when the platform rolls out.

Customer relations

In a dynamic system such as cryptocurrency, users are bound to face challenges that need immediate attention. Bitmora intends to have global reach, and with the different time zones, they plan to have round the clock customer care.

The two methods available for users who need assistance is through a ticketing system or a phone system. WIth ticketing, a user will have a 12-hour response time. The query section will be hosted on the website and not a third party. The phone system will be open for beta launch, a time when a lot of queries are guaranteed to come in. A call menu will direct a user to the appropriate agent to get assistance. The agents providing support are part of Bitmora staff and are trained in-house. Lines will be open during business hours in the US, but there are plans have 24/7 phones support in the second quarter of 2018. General nonsupport or media will be available on the platform.

The website

Bitmora will operate on Android, iOS and the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera. The site will include mobile website support while the phone app will have support for tablets. Features on both browser and phone will be the same. The feature list on the mobile app includes buying and selling orders, charting, deposit, withdrawal among others.

About the company’s beginnings

Joseph Dagostino, Elias Mansour, and Colton Brister founded Bitmora in May 2017. The company is a recognized C-Corporation business from Delaware, USA. They are also MBS, KYC and AML policy compliant and have substantial bank agreements backing them.

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