What Does A Blockchain Based Affiliate marketing network Offer?

Internet marketers are always on the lookout for opportunities to reach new customers and also keep their existing customers coming back. Today we will be reviewing the intersting prospect of a blockchain based affiliate marketing being offered by Hoqu

One channel of online marketing is affiliate marketing, which is offered by various agencies. There are also websites, such as Hoqu, which is the first decentralized affiliate marketing platform. And the specifics of Hoqu will be expanded later on. First, you will need to know about how affiliate marketing networks work on the internet.

How do affiliate marketing networks, such as Hoqu work?

Hoqu and other affiliate marketing networks pretty much work on the same kind of principle. The principle is pretty simple. Agencies act as a kind of platform or network on which website operators can log in to place advertisements on their own page, the so-called “publishers” or “affiliates”. On the other hand, there is then the “Advertiser” or “Merchants” who have their own campaigns and want to switch to the most diverse websites.

On Hoqu and other affiliate marketing networks, marketers are able to find a lot of publishers that they can check out. The publishers that are in these networks are often blogs, cash back systems or price comparison sites, which give advertisers the opportunity to place advertisements on their pages with the help of banners, text links or vouchers.

For each and every click that you get from those publishers, marketers will get a kickback commission. However, for a lot affiliate marketing networks, the fee that they take is often too high. A lot of people are therefore recommending that you should try out Hoqu because it is a much more profitable way to earn money through affiliate marketing.

The thing that makes Hoqu stand out is the fact that they charge way less than other marketing agencies. For example, Hoqu advertises as much as 44% less in commissions. So, therefore, a marketer is simply able to earn more if they use Hoqu as their main marketing platform. That is why a lot of people are switching over to this marketing network platform. Hoqu decentralized, so there is no middle-man between the marketer and the advertiser. Therefore, there are fewer commissions’ fees that need to be paid.

In order to join Hoqu, it is as simple as signing up. And if you want to know of some requirements on how to join up on Hoqu then keep on reading. You should be able to learn how you can sign up for Hoqu and other affiliate marketing programs.

What are the requirements in other affiliate marketing networks compared to Hoqu?

In normal affiliate marketing networks, both sides have to be accepted in advance via the agency in order to be able to check whether there are any potential publishers in the network for the offered campaign or if the publisher fits into the network. Therefore, there are a lot of hoops to go through. That is not the same thing when it comes to joining Hoqu. This is because there are far fewer barriers to entry.

In comparison to Hoqu, there are a lot of things that you need to deal with in other affiliate marketing networks. This is also because there are networks in the field of affiliate marketing, which specialize in certain areas such as digital products, fashion, games or finance. It is the middleman who will decide what advertisements get shown or not depending on your network. On Hoqu, you will get to decide what sort of advertisements to use and display. Therefore, there are way fewer requirements, because you are in charge of your own marketing on Hoqu.

Another thing that differentiates Hoqu and other affiliate marketing networks is that the middlemen in other advertising networks choose your advertising. In addition, advertisers must, of course, provide corresponding advertising material on their online access (banners in various sizes, text links, etc.), so that the publishers who want to run the campaign can choose them appropriately for their website. It is the publisher who will decide what gets shown and where, again the middleman will not only take a commission fee from you but also they will decide what you even show on your network of ads. So if you want total control over your own marketing efforts on your affiliate network, you should just choose Hoqu, it would be a much better experience!

Why Hoqu?

If you are looking for an affiliate network as a provider of a marketing product or service, you will soon find that this is a difficult undertaking, not all of them will be as awesome or as profitable as Hoqu. You generally should stick with this particular affiliate marketing network if you want to get the most out of your affiliate marketing endeavours on the internet! You will find that Hoqu offers the most to marketers who join its affiliate network.

In addition, you should consider the size of your own budget, with which affiliate network you want to start a campaign because there are financial entry barriers like a setup fee or minimum monthly revenue. Compared to other affiliate marketing networks, Hoqu is way more budget-friendly to the average marketer. In the long run, joining Hoqu is way more profitable because there are a lot fewer fees that you will need to end up paying.


Affiliate marketing on Hoqu is a highly predictable and profitable version of online marketing and certainly enriches the portfolio of the operated marketing. You can also get to websites that you would not otherwise have found or contacted. Since the costs per lead are determined beforehand, you also know exactly what your price will be. And on Hoqu, those costs are even further reduced, because there are fewer fees that you will need to pay to the middleman.

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