VR and 3D go hand in hand, and since this dream match was made, creating worlds that exist in three dimensions has never been simpler. Now, creators of such worlds have a new technology at their disposal, one that gives numerous new options – blockchain. MARK.SPACE has just arrived to this field, and they already offer something amazing.

MARK.SPACE offers the possibility to design a unique ecosystem that integrates VR and 3D spaces, and it is powered by blockchain tech.

Let’s analyze MARK.SPACE ICO.

*MARK.SPACE plans to become the market trailblazer in the VR/3D niche. Their offer is a platform, and an open source one at it, where you’ll be able to create VR and 3D objects and websites. They reach out to community members, business and e-com platforms. MARK.SPACE refers to these objects as “units” and they will group them into districts. These two will be the cornerstone of this ICO’s proposition.

*MARK.SPACE will issue their token just like every other ICO. MRK is marked as a utility token. It will be used for all transactions on MARK spaces. 1MRK is worth $0.10. The total amount of these tokens issued is 3,000,000,000 and the hard cap is $35m. After the ICO ends, they will not issue more tokens. You’ll be able to find these on the Ethereum blockchain, where MARK.SPACE will issue them.

*The team behind it has 36 people, and another four advisors, and it’s the largest ICO presented team. This multinational team hails from China, Japan, and elsewhere. These people are skilled in math, VR, web design, localization and many other skills. They are pretty open about their idea, and you can find them all on LinkedIn. A team this big and this open means two things – a great budget, and an amazing confidence in their offering.

*A strong social media presence is a good sign when it comes to a new company, but the lack of it isn’t necessarily a bad sign. What we can see on MARK.SPACE’s social accounts is that they aren’t very popular, but this is still not a bad sign, as they are reaching out.

*Unfortunately for MARK.SPACE they are not the only ones in this niche, and their competition seems rather serious. In the end, it will all boil down to accessibility, popularity and proposition uptake – that will determine which ICO remains, and which will fail.

*When it comes to their website and layout, it is one of the most modernistic looking ICO sites that you will ever see. The layout and color palette and very aesthetically pleasing, and amazingly relaxing to use and view.

You will love the fact that the entire site is full of tiny neat details, and while they aren’t vital, you can see that they care about what they’re doing through such details. The site itself is rather secure, and it has a great video gallery that shows their value proposition.

All in all, their website is really outstanding, and since it’s their call to potential investors, we believe they won’t do poorly.

*Whitepaper of MARK.SPACE is well made and it gets to the point. You won’t see a load of tech jargon, everything is comprehensible, and it isn’t too long. The only flaw here is the fact that it has almost 12MB.

In the end

MARK.SPACE isn’t alone in its field, so they will have to beat the competition. Their future success depends a lot on their ability to differentiate themselves from other ICOs.

You see, the VR community is in a very happy time indeed right now. The amount of products that are currently available is amazing. With so many choices, something is bound to hit the right spot, and as VR becomes widely used, several big players will impose their services as the standard.

For now, MARK.SPACE looks like they are heading in that direction, they have the budget, they have the right idea, they offer quality and a great team. We can only wait and see what happens next with them.

Links of interest:

Website: https://mark.space

Whitepaper: https://mark.space/files/wp/WP_en.pdf


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