Hiring a contractor can be challenging; first you need the right contractor who will do their job well and charge fair wages. This does not usually happen. Customers are left frustrated after spending a lot of money and they become wary of any contractors that come their way.

There are three problems that face customers as they seek to hire contractors: fraudulent reviews that give false information, hidden costs as a result of advertising fees and inflated prices due to lack of uniformed prices. This article will look at each of the tree factors:

Review fraud

When you are looking to hire a contractor you will check the internet for the best contractor reviews. It is after you have hired the contractor that you realize that you made a mistake. The problem is that companies deflate the ratings of their competitors by going to their sites and giving negative reviews. Contractors also have the ability of purchasing positive reviews. The end result is that you cannot trust online reviews and you as the customer are left with hard decisions to make.

Bob’s repair seeks to eliminate this by attaching contractor reviews to the contract. Once a contractor has completed their work they will receive a review with the payment. This will bring credibility amongst contractors.

Advertising fees

The reason that you are paying inflated prices is because contractors add the costs of advertising to their contracts. Contractors need to advertise for their services and these additional costs are usually passed on to customers. Bob’s repair will eliminate the need for advertising expenses; which will in turn reduce the costs passed on to consumers.


Consumers are usually in the dark when it comes to pricing. They do not have a clue how much contractor work costs. This has given contractors an opportunity to inflate costs. Bob’s repair will give customers competitive prices.

How Bob’s repair seeks to solve these problems

Bob’s repair plans to build an application through the STEEM blockchain technology. The application will operate on iOS, Android and web application.

To combat review fraud the STEEM blockchain will take three seconds for transactions to be approved; it will also have no transaction costs. All the financial transactions will be stored in the blockchain. When someone leaves a review it is attached to the financial transaction. This transparency will mean that good contractors attract more customers than the rest.

The STEEM blockchain will eliminate the need for advertising costs. This will have the effect of bring down the costs of repairs. Visibility will be ruled by merit. Those contractors with a lot of positive reviews will attract more customers. These will mean poor performing contractors will not have any visibility.

The application will bring in a lot of transparency when it comes to pricing. Each review will have a breakdown of the costs: costs of material, labor costs and services. The application has the long term effect of bringing down the costs of contractors.

Bob repair plan have hired blockchain experts and IT engineers to build the STEEM application. They will use their 50,000 customer base and engage in social media marketing to spread the word on their application. Contractors will benefit from the open transparency, competitive wages and the larger customer base. Due to the need to get positive reviews contractors will be forced to give better services.


Bob’s repair seeks to bridge the gap between contractors and customers. Through the STEEM application customers will be able to get better services at affordable rates. The review system will reduce cases of review fraud and enhance the credibility of contractors. It is expected that many contractors will join the system.

Website: http://bobsrepair.com

Whitepaper: https://www.bobsrepair.com/docs/White-Paper.pdf



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