How Bob’s repair started

Bob’s repair is the brain child of the Prandecki brothers. They successfully run a successful automated STWP that had the ability of connecting contractors and consumers. In total they transacted over USD$1,000,000 and handled over 50,000 service calls. However, their STWP could not solve three common issues faced by contractors and consumers: fraud review, advertising costs and inflated costs. The bothers had to come with a system to solve these problems. The STEEM Application was started.

The brother want to leverage on their existing customer base to migrate them to the STEEM system. They also plan to capture the $400 million skilled labor market.


It was in 2013 that the brothers Frideric, Alexandre Prandecki formed a company that connected customers and contractors to the STWP. The main aim of the company is to provide superior services to the consumers but at the same time with lower costs. The STWP was able to experience rapid growth and it moved from having just one contractor in Nevada to over 100 contractors spread across six states. The STWP was an automated process that handled hiring, payments and they used to outsource advertising to international internet marketers.

Contractors usually paid a weekly fee which enabled them to be connected to customers. An online advertisement would be posted on the dailies. The customer would then see the advertisement and call the number indicated. When they started the Prandecki brothers answered the calls but as they expanded the hired qualified agents.

The system lead to increased profitability on the contractors side and better quality services for the customers. Efficiency was enhanced as one full time employee could handle more than 200 contractors.

The brother where had reduced inefficiency in the contractor industry but they still had not solved fraud review, advertising costs and inflated wages. The brothers later come to learn of blockchain technology and Bob’s repair was born. The company is registered in Deleware. With the system they were able to eliminate their agents and enabling contractors and customers to connect.

Opportunities for growth

The skilled trade industry has huge potential and opportunities for profit are large. The industry in The US alone was estimated to be worth $340 billion in 2015. The number of skilled workers in 2014 was 2, 507, 600 and they are poised to increase every year. The workers consist of carpenters, electricians, roofers, plumbers and painters. The labor market is expected to rise by an average of 10 percent till 2024. It is this market that the Prandecki brothers want to capitalize on. There is a huge market for their STEEM application.

STEEM Application

The application will be available in iOS and Android application; which will make it available to many people. The steem application will eliminate the problems faced by the STWP. This will include fraud reviews. The problem with many online sites is that you can buy reviews. Poor workers with money can buy reviews and improve their ratings. But, with the STEEM application after every transaction a review will be given. This review will lead to better skilled workers getting more workers while the low skilled ones will have to offer better services to get better ratings.

Unlike the STWP where the brothers had advertising fees in the STEEM application; advertising fees are eliminated. This has an added benefit to the consumers because they will receive lower costs. The application will also bring about uniformed wages. The contractors will not be able to inflate their prices. Customers will pay for exact work performed.


The Prandecki brother’s application will surely raise the bar in the skilled labor force. The market is ripe for changes and consumers will benefit from lower prices and better services.