The move to investing in digital assets is the hottest trend in the market right now, but no investment is without its risks. The platform that we are going to look into today is trying to de-risk these investments. It even has a delicious name, Caviar! Caviar is an innovative investment fund that offers both crypto and real estate investments in a single token. The system acts as a dual-purpose investment fund created for crypto and real-estate. Token holders are then able to enjoy a diversified, risk-adjusted, data-driven portfolio with exposure that applies to both stable real estate and select cryptocurrencies and crypto assets. What this hold for investors is that it maximizes returns on investment while still hedging against market downturns.

The company aims to provide investors and token holders with a diversified and data-driven portfolio that combines the benefits of a stable real estate with the ROI maximization of cryptocurrency. This is basically the best of both worlds for investors looking to have a high ROI, without worrying about all of the volatility that normally accompanies those crypto-investments. In addition, the Caviar platform also emerges as another means of utilizing the steady growing blockchain network. The platform and token are also going to be a crowdfunding platform for real estate developers to help raise funds for their projects. The Caviar token (CAV) is an Ethereum-based ERC20 token that allows real estate developers to raise money for projects through a crowdfunding mechanism, while providing Caviar token holders and their invested funds with an opportunity to participate in projects and earn a profit.

The team that designed and developed Caviar is one full of serial entrepreneurs, professors and other experts in various fields. Their history of the company is an impressive one. is the successor to Caviar Capital LP, which is an established real estate lending fund. Caviar Capital LP has provided stable financing for many real estate developments for the past five years, and has outperformed any indices by more than 300%. These investments are fully guaranteed by underlying real estate assets and unlimited personal guarantees by the borrowers. Caviar Capital provides short term loans to qualified candidates, for the purpose of purchasing, improving and selling single and multi-family homes in the United States.

Caviar aims to capture higher rates of return (“alpha”), while providing a unique opportunity for crypto-investors to diversify their portfolio through investments to real estate. Caviar also provides traditional investors with the upside of high returns in a diversified digital currencies portfolio. The company has adopted a tokenization approach to invest in real estate and crypto-assets. This central currency lowers the cost of managing the fund, reduces fund entry costs for investors, and removes the “illiquidity barrier” that keeps investors’ equity locked up for years. The team behind Caviar has developed a one of a kind Intelligent Predictive Model for crypto-assets and crypto-currency price analysis and forecasting in both short and long term projection timeframes. This system allows for stronger predictive power and more effective asset allocation potential. Crypto systems like this have the drawback of being prone to manipulation, so to guarantee transparency, Caviar has deployed CAView, a proprietary suite of monitoring tools, which provides portfolio audit and guarantees honest and anonymous profit sharing and distribution.

The Caviar ICO token sale is slated to take place in December of 2017 and will end in January of 2018. You can take advantage of the presale taking place near the end of November of 2017. In case you are curious about what the future has in store for Caviar, their website also offers a detailed roadmap, which includes their plans for the foreseeable future. There are many different benefits to the investors in addition to the built-in diversification and stability that were mentioned earlier. The biggest benefits to investors are the fact that Caviar is set to offer immediate profit sharing. Caviar is already in the process of initiating profit sharing payments in the first quarter after the token sale closing. According to their website, about 75% of the profits that the company make will go back to the community.

If you are an investor and you value your peace of mind, Caviar guarantees liquidity for all investors. The company will put aside 5% of their profits in order to re-purchase tokens on exchanges. This will help to provide guaranteed liquidity for investors. The biggest concerns surrounding cryptocurrency investments, digital assets and ICO’s is security. That is why Caviar takes security very seriously and they ensure that the best security practices are used to protect the infrastructure of the platform and the investments.


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