Cibus is an exciting new platform which promises to revolutionize the food and supplement business. It deals exclusively with “Made in Italy” products. Also, it aims to remove the intermediary by connecting the buyers directly to national or foreign vendors.

Cibus World CBT is a food ecosystem on the decentralized blockchain. It makes sure you only get the best products directly from the source.

This platform will allow you to buy food and supplements, and track your order. You will also be able to scan packages with your phone, so you will always know where the products come from.

What they offer

Cibus Trace

This is a blockchain food tracking app. It will give you legally valid and reliable information about food products and health supplements you want to buy. Furthermore, it will let you know the origin of the product you've ordered.

Cibus Trade

It is a global networking marketplace for vendors, customers, and merchants. The goal here is to create a straightforward trading environment based on trust and honesty.

Cibus Retail

It aims to bring the customers to the vendors directly. Cibus has eliminated the buyer's need to go through an intermediary. That enabled them to reduce the cost of goods.

Cibus Social

A platform which allows the customers and vendors to talk to each other directly. By getting feedback from their customers, the vendors can improve their products, with the help of food experts and health specialists.


Cibus Ad – a decentralized advertising platform which can be customized to the seller's needs, allowing him to advertise his products to their target group. It provides analytics and has content-rich tools which help create high-quality ads.

Cibus Affiliate – it aims to help users connect to social media platforms and their leading influencers. Furthermore, it will give the users extra motivation to market the platform online. These things will increase their traffic and, with that, their sales.

The platform offers global logistics solutions using geo-tracking. In addition, Cibus also uses smart contracts to record information such as the conditions under which the products are transported.

Thanks to this, the consumer will always know which products are in good condition. Moreover, he will never be unpleasantly surprised.

Cibus World CBT Logistics

Cibus Ecosystem isn’t operational yet and, in order to finance the project, Cibus is selling tokens. You can pre-purchase them over the next 35 days.

If you’re interested, you can take part in the project in one of two ways. You can either purchase Cibus tokens (1 CBT equals 0.001 ETH) or receive them for free by taking part in one of their bounty projects.

The only way to buy the tokens is through cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum, just to name a few.

Depending on the amount you buy, and when you buy them, you will receive a certain amount of bonus tokens (for exact details visit:

The goal is to make these tokens the only means of payment in the Cibus Ecosystem. They will also allow you to access all the functions on the platform.

Final Words

So far, Cibus Ecosystem appears to be an excellent idea and a unique solution to some of the problems in the food and supplement industry. However, when you examine their services, it is clear that they act as the middleman - which they should have cut out.

Everyone expects Cibus to have a bright future. However, they cannot guarantee anything until the platform goes live. Then, users will be able to test out their services and determine whether or not Cibus is worth their time and money.

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