CoinMetro is an advanced crypto currency monetary platform that operates with the technology of blockchains. Despite being one of the newest in the ICO sector, CoinMetro aims to bring quality to the process of obtaining crypto currency for both individual and institutional investors and nearly all entity that intends to participate in the crypto currency ecosystem.


CoinMetro plans to provide a strong turnkey ICO Express Platform that will offer vetted ICO’s access to transparent and secure funding rounds. Through the turnkey ICO solution, investors will be able to issue ICO contracts and tokens using input parameters. It is also proposed that an automatic smart contract mechanism competent of creating smart contracts and deploying them on the Ethereum, NEM and NEO blockchains.

There are different types of deposit options available with CoinMetro in either Fiat or crypto currency form. Investors can easily choose any method that is more favorable to them at any given time. Example of deposit options provided by CoinMetro includes; local bank deposit, SEPA transfer, SWIFT transfer, credit card and E-wallets.

CoinMetro’s most unique and useful feature is that it enables its users to easily switch their assets/funds between numerous managers. This is an added advantage of CoinMetro due to the fact that this type of flexible technology is very uncommon in the crypto currency market. In the future, the platform investors will be able to make use of a debit card that can function globally on ATM machines or where there is a retail outlet.


The token used to access CoinMetro’s products and services on its crypto currency trading platform is called COINs and they are ERC20 digital tokens.

Pre-Token Sale: CoinMetro pre-token sale will begin on December 21st,2017 at 21:00 UTC, carried on through telegram by a 10-day Whitelist campaign. The pre-token sale will see the price of each COIN start at 0.03 EUR and increase by 0.02 after every 12,500,00th COIN is sold. The hardcap for the pre-token sale is set to 50 million COINs. During the pre-token sale, COINs that were not sold will be shifted to the Token Sale. In addition, vesting rules will be employed in the first two softcaps as shown below:

12,500,000 COIN sold – 1.25% TBPR 1 +0.02 price increase (Requires Vesting)

25,000,000 COIN sold – 2.50% TBPR 1 +0.02 price increase (Requires Vesting)

37,500,000 COIN sold – 3.75% TBPR 1 +0.02 price increase

50,000,000 COIN sold – 5.00% TBPR 1 +0.02 price increase

Token Sale: The token sale will begin on February 21st 2018 at 21:00 UTC and will kick-off immediately from where the pre-token sale ended with an initial max price of EUR 0.11 for each COIN if only at the pre-token sale all 50 million COIN got sold out. However, if the amount of COIN sold does not reach 50 million at the pre-token sale, the price of COIN during the Token Sale will continue with the price where the pre-token sale left off and it will follow the pre-token sale softcaps until the 50 million COIN are all sold. The price increases each time the Token Sale reaches a 50 million hardcap by EUR 0.01. The Token Sale hardcap is set to 300 million COINs which also includes the 50 million COIN assigned to the pre-token sale.

Below is the pricing of COIN during the Token Sales:

100M COIN sold – 8% TBPR 1 + lifetime CM discount 2 +0.01 price increase

150M COIN sold – 11% TBPR 1 + 0.01 price increase

200M COIN sold – 14% TBPR 1 + lifetime pre-pre-token sale invites +0.01 price increase

250M COIN sold – 17% TBPR 1 + lifetime FXPIG discount 3 +0.01 price increase

300M COIN sold – 20% TBPR 1


  • CoinMetro is a safe, secured and very adaptable platform with high liquidity.
  • It provides effective incorporation of numerous blockchain based ecosystem.
  • It also has a very easy to use platform with an exceptional user interface that can be accessed with the aid of a contour web application.
  • CoinMetro is a fast and reliable trading platform that offers a collection of digital asset investment options.


  1. Risk Control: CoinMetro’s basic risk management formation is to exploit labeled margin wallets to get rid of the damage risks, to protect any prospective loss while trading on their barter loaning platform.
  2. Direct Payment: Transactions on CoinMetro can be paid directly without any technical hobbles. CoinMetro establishes a stable banking relationship by partnering with its authorized eMoney standing. These services are made available for CoinMetro clients as well as to third parties like companies that are running their own ICO effectively via CoinMetro’s blockchain system.
  3. Decentralization and Atomic Swaps: Crypto currency exchanges are most times semi-centralized due to the fact that assets are often preserved by the exchange for the sake of its client structure. CoinMetro plans to take a proactive step towards a fully decentralized exchange mechanism. CoinMetro understands that atomic swaps and cross chain communication will be exceedingly fundamental for progression.

CoinMetro plans to offer atomic swaps like peer-to-peer (p2p) secure exchanges with the use of time locked smart contracts where third party interventions are not needed to complete the transaction. The smart control will take the form of timed escrow, ensuring that both parties are protected. The exchange mechanism will attract fees that will be almost zero as it will be considered an added service for clients trading smaller volumes


CoinMetro can boast of many security features and demanding protocols that have been used successfully in the past by FXPIG. CoinMetro platform is a very safe platform for fiat and crypto currency trading and it ensures customer satisfaction by offering highly secured services to them. FXPIG has maintained a perfect record as regards to customer security. The company has never lost funds of a client, no history of hacking and maintains an incident-free record.

CoinMetro intends to enhance the payment process by working with BitGo to enable users take advantage of many powerful security protocols in relation to payment and login approval which includes: biometric authorization, multi-signature transactions, two-factor authentication and cold storage.

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