What is White Rabbit?

It is a plugin/application that integrates with a browser without being intrusive. The plugin is designed to recognize content being streamed from P2P or open server sites and give the viewer the opportunity to pay the content rights holder (CRH) directly. To get full use of the service, a user has to log in and set up their payments account. When White Rabbit picks up on the content on the streaming site, a user gets the option of offering the White Rabbit Tokens (WRT).

Should the CRH accept the tokens, payment takes place. This process leaves the user with the freedom to continue streaming from their preferred site. The CHH can however only access payment by entering a smart contract with White Rabbit. Once signed, the transactions become automated.

On the user's side, once their tokens are accepted, the content is made available in their White Rabbit library known as the Rabbit Hole. The exciting feature of the library is that the original high-quality version of the series or film streamed becomes accessible. The user also gets additional content. It includes behind-the-scenes, deleted scenes and merchandise. In essence, White Rabbit acts as the go-between filmmakers and fans.

Powerful tool for CRH

Both White Rabbit and Rabbit Hole allow the rights content holders to monetize, develop IP rights and manage their creations. They can also earn additional revenue from complementary content or versioning, and potentially increase their fan base. The process of payment is also transparent and immediate, something you don’t see with traditional content distribution companies.

White Rabbit benefits CRH who also don't want to enter a smart contract with them. A warning will appear on a user's screen letting them know that the rights content holder will not accept their tokens and should, therefore, stop streaming. Streaming site registered with White Rabbit or are streaming partners will have to remove said content from their viewing selection.

Fan vs. pirate

The plugin aids White Rabbit determine who is willing to pay for content. In this way, the distinction between a fan and a pirate becomes clear. With each, measures of reprimand or rewards happen accordingly

For the fan, all series or movies get your additional content and the opportunity to purchase merchandise. They also get to interact with CRH through forums like VR screening and AR. The fan gets the original high-quality version of the content in their library, enhancing their viewing experience.

If a CRH declines WRT, the tokens return to the user's account, and no money gets lost.

Streaming sites

Websites can register with White Rabbit or become Partner Streaming Sites (PSS) and revenue share through a fast and secure process. Maintain this status requires the sites to adhere to specific guidelines. The fundamental rule will be removing content upon the request of a CRH. The fulfillment of this fosters trust between the two parties.


White Rabbit, through their smart contracts, promises to deliver payments from the user straight the rights holder. This revenue management system hugely benefits the CRH, and also lets them interact with their faithful fans in a way they had not been able to before. They also get White Rabbit revenue statements and non-personal user data upon request. Their revenue share model is CRH receives 75%, White Rabbit 15% and the remaining 10% goes to PSS sites or non-PSS registered sites.

Content creators have gotten the short end of the stick for years in the digital distribution market. White Rabbit has opened up the market and created a space for more innovative means to directly benefit filmmakers and fans.

Links of interest:

Website: www.whiterabbit.one

Facebook: https://fb.me/WRJumpIn

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WRJumpIn


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