Less than 30 years ago, the Internet began to change our lives. It has affected the way we live, learn, communicate, do business, travel, and so on. Today, it still has a strong influence on our daily lives, and a modern human couldn’t imagine their life without the Internet. However, where there are advantages, there are usually disadvantages too.

The travel industry is one of the biggest in the world, with the market value of over $2.3 trillion in 2016 alone. It, too, has been greatly affected by the Internet. Giant companies in this highly centralized industry create networks which give users a false sense of choice. Travelers have a hard time finding information which will lead to great travel experiences.

Truth be told, information is so much easier to reach nowadays, but not everything we read on the Internet is necessarily true. The millennials, the generation that has been using the benefits of the Internet the most, is aware of this problem. Searching for specific information online can be troublesome and time-consuming. Wouldn’t it be easier if you had someone who could provide credible information at any given moment? That is exactly what Cool Cousin has to offer to modern travelers.

Getting a recommendation from someone you know is always much better than reading something online posted by a total stranger. Imagine having a cousin who can provide useful information wherever you go. By using Cool Cousins, you can directly connect with locals and get useful tips about the place you are visiting. Since July 2016, 500 000 travelers have used Cool Cousin to explore more than 65 cities worldwide.

Cool Cousin aims to build a decentralized ecosystem of travelers and locals from all over the world. This system is going to be powered by a new cryptocurrency called CUZ. This will establish the grounds for new, modern travel agents - Cousins. The ecosystem aims to offer information to travelers without wasting their time and money. In addition, every traveler can find a Cousin suited to his needs.

The Cool Cousin App

An iOS and web Cool Cousin App are available to travelers. By using the app, you can access unique city guides and select a Cousin among our 1000+ Cousins. In order to find the best match, you can filter the guides by age, biography, sex, etc. You can then easily reach out to your Cousin for personalized advice.

Cool Cousin has been growing by double digits in monthly users. The app has been described as “a must-have for travelers”, as travelers get personalized and unique experiences with the help of their selected Cousins.


Most travelers contact their Cousins prior to their trip to get accommodation advice, to get some information before booking their flights, to learn about upcoming events and tickets, and to ask about safety, transport, and so on.

All in all, Cool Cousin might be the future of travel. With its rapid growth, it is onto something. The community of Cousins is also growing, which offers more options for travelers. Cousins come from various countries and have different backgrounds, and thus a set of unique experiences that they are waiting to share. In 2016 alone, over 6000 people from 300 cities have applied with the wish to become our new Cousins.

Cool Cousin’s goal is to become the world’s biggest decentralized travel agency, and thus transform the travel industry for good. By connecting travelers and locals who have something in common, there will be an unlimited exchange of personal information and services. Consequently, the number of satisfied travelers will increase.

For more visit:

Website: https://www.coolcousin.com/ico

Twitter: https://twitter.com/coolcousinco



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