Cool Cousin Review

Have you ever started planning a trip and found yourself scrolling through endless search results and reviews without actually finding what you are looking for? Imagine if, instead, you could just find a like-minded local to provide you with insider recommendations about your destination. If this idea speaks to you, then you should definitely try Cool Cousin.

In essence, the Cool Cousin is an app that allows travelers to connect with locals willing to share their tips on the best city spots. With this simple but incredibly useful service, Cool Cousin aims to revolutionize the game for modern travelers. Using blockchain technology, they have managed to create a decentralized travel agency that will provide reliable insider information and various other services to travelers.

Why Cool Cousin?

The tourism industry is one of the world’s largest industries. In the recent years, it has gone through big changes to adapt to modern travelers who rely almost exclusively on the internet when planning their travels. We have all witnessed how companies like Airbnb, Yelp, and TripAdvisor changed the rules of the industry. Airbnb allowed anyone with an extra bed to compete with hotels, and TripAdvisor allowed consumers to voice their opinion.

Those were, without doubt, positive changes. However, there is also a dark side. The vast amount of information available online has created a space for manipulations and biased content. Millennials and Generation Z travelers, who are very familiar with the digital world, now find it hard to trust search results and online content. Cool Cousin is here to end the frustration of scrolling through endless blog posts and dubious top 10 lists.

When researching a new destination, the most valuable source of information is a trusted person who knows the location well. This is exactly what Cool Cousin brings to travelers.

How it Works

So how exactly does it work? You can download the Cool Cousin app for iOS for free, but there is also a web version you can use. Just choose a destination, and you’ll be able to browse the profiles of Cousins ready to share insider tips. Probably the best thing about Cool Cousin is that you can filter the search results by age, tags, and preferences. This way, you can find a Cousin with interests similar to yours.

Once you choose a Cousin, you get instant access to their personalized city guide in the form of a map. It will be available online and offline, and you can also see it in the form of a list. Furthermore, you can save your favorite places from different Cousins to create a personalized map. If you still need to fill in the gaps, you can message any of your Cousins and ask for specific advice.

Introducing CUZ

The Cool Cousin Beta was launched in July 2016 and the service has been growing quickly ever since. They have gained the trust of travelers, and they have numbers to prove it – more than 500000 people have used the service since the beginning. Now they are ready to take the next step by introducing the CUZ token.

CUZ is a cryptocurrency made to be used for exchange of travel services and information on the Cool Cousin platform. The CUZ token will allow locals to tap into the growing demand and offer personalized travel services for additional income. The overhead costs and transaction fees for these services will be extremely low thanks to the blockchain technology, which will benefit both travelers and local experts. In this way, Cousins will essentially become the new kind of travel agents. Answering to the needs of modern travelers, they will be able to provide authentic experiences through customized travel services.


Cool Cousin is an awesome app which allows travelers to tap into the most important source of information about new destinations – the knowledge of locals. Using the blockchain technology, Cool Cousin has made finding reliable information and relevant places easier than ever before. There is really no reason not to try it.

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