What is Cool Cousin and How Does It Work?

Cool Cousin is the newest and most reliable way to have the best travel experience. Have you ever traveled somewhere, but weren’t quite satisfied because you depended on limited info you got online? Maybe you didn’t enjoy your accommodation or didn’t know which events to visit in the city, or maybe you just spent too much time researching.

The travel industry, being one of the largest in the world, has its flaws. It has changed drastically over the last 20 years, mostly due to the Internet and its influence. The millennials, the generation that travels the most at the moment, usually relies on the Internet and gathers information from it when planning a trip.

The problem is that travelers often get tricked into thinking they have a variety of options while in reality, they are very limited. Searching for specific information and tips about a place you are about to visit can be both annoying and time-consuming. When you travel to visit your cousins, everything is so much easier. You can rely on them to provide genuine tips while you relax and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Now, with the help of Cool Cousin, you can have such experiences everywhere. Imagine having a friend in every city you visit. Actually, you don’t have to imagine because it is possible now. Our agents, aka Cousins, are your friends wherever you go. You can get personalized information and customized experiences by using the Cool Cousin App (available for iOS and web users).

Cool Cousin is a growing community with more than 1000 local people – Cousins, who are at your disposal. You can select a Cousin according to your needs, and contact him/her regarding the information you are interested in. You can get first-hand information on accommodation, restaurants, local events, safety, transportation, and much more.

Think of our Cousins as travel agents you can trust. Cool Cousin aims to build a decentralized ecosystem which will allow travelers to make the most of their trips while giving a chance for profit to many locals. More than 65 cities worldwide are currently covered, and the number is bound to keep growing.

Travel agents are making a big comeback, as the millennials are starting to realize they can get more credible information from them, rather than the Internet. In addition, they won’t waste time searching for certain info. Our agents – Cousins, will improve the quality of travelers’ experience. With their substantial knowledge about local affairs, they will surely make anyone’s trip an authentic episode.

Cousins are the best travel agents one could wish for, as they are new and improved versions of traditional agents. They have personal knowledge about certain destinations, and that is by far the most valuable asset an agent can possess. Furthermore, they provide various services. A Cousin can book you a table at a local restaurant, find tickets for a special event, reserve accommodation, give you tips on various matters, etc.

Cool Cousin is powered by a new cryptocurrency. A cryptographic token called CUZ will encourage Cousins to offer services through coin exchange, as our store of value and unit of account. The same as other cryptocurrencies, CUZ units are expected to trade on cryptocurrency exchange.

To conclude, Cool Cousin is the best way to get all the information you need about the place you want to visit. With our new, improved travel agents – Cousins, you will be able to have best experiences, without wasting too much time and money. Cool Cousin hopes to provide an unlimited amount of customized information and satisfy travelers all over the world.

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