It’s hard not to notice the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies. As a result, the crypto market has been steadily growing too. There are no signs the growth will stop anytime soon. If you have ever considered investing in cryptocurrencies, the right time might be now.

The Countinghouse team has realized that the blockchain is the future and they are ready to embrace it. In March 2018, they announced a new ICO for their upcoming cryptocurrency hedge fund. Read on if you want to learn what this project is all about.

The Story of Countinghouse

The Countinghouse project dates back to 2008. Back then, three prosperous forex traders decided to form a partnership. Their names are Tim Dawson, Mike Pomery, and Steve Pogacic and the name of the partnership was DPP.

Forming a private partnership allowed these investors to combine their assets and experiment with new trading techniques. They have managed to create a highly successful trading model with a strong focus on forcing profit through market volatility. At this point, it became obvious they should start taking on outside investors. They have established the Countinghouse Fund in order to be able to do so. Since 2013, Countinghouse has been running a foreign exchange fund, netting 70-120% profit per year.

Experimenting With Crypto

The Countinghouse team has designed a system that allows them to extract profit from market movement. This has been working very well in the foreign exchange market for the past couple of years. However, during 2017, the team has noticed that the forex market was stagnating. Even though they were still delivering high returns to their investors, the Countinghouse team noticed a new trading opportunity, the growing cryptocurrency market.

During 2017, the levels of volatility in the crypto market were extremely high. The Countinghouse team started testing their tried-and-true methods on the crypto market. Even though they developed their strategy for the foreign exchange market, it has proven to be successful in the crypto market too. Over the course of 12 months, they have updated their algorithms to make them suitable for cryptocurrency trading. As a result, they now have hard evidence to show how successful their methods are.

Countinghouse Fund’s Investment Strategy

Countinghouse has offered a detailed breakdown of the investment strategy they will be using in the project’s whitepaper. They have also shown the statistics from their 12-month cryptocurrency experiment. According to the whitepaper, Countinghouses’s trading model has yielded over 600% in returns during 2017. Since the crypto market is highly volatile at the moment, these numbers seem realistic.

So what is the secret of Countinghouses’s success? Algorithms. By using carefully developed coded algorithms and mathematical models, Countinghouse has been able to yield profit in all kinds of market conditions. Their strategy works both during bull and bear markets. Countinghouse uses a mathematical approach when it comes to risk management, too. Therefore, human bias has no impact on their trading decisions.

The Countinghouse Fund ICO public presale has already started and it will end on June 12th, 2018. If you invest before May 8th, you’ll receive a 30% bonus. You can see the details about the ICO on the Countinghouse website.


Considering their past success in the forex market as well as in the crypto market, the Countinghouse project does look promising. However, you should always keep in mind that past success is no guarantee of success in the future. There is no risk-free investment. On the other hand, the time is right to start exploiting the unmatched volatility of the crypto market.

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