No, the title of this article didn’t fool you. For years now developers and business owners have used blockchain technology differently. For instance, there are blockchain platforms that deal mostly with sales of telecommunication services. Other developers focus their blockchain efforts on e-commerce in general. Then you have others who work on platforms which focus on renting cars and other vehicles. And yet others feel the need to create the first crypto-banking systems. Every now and then a new blockchain-based cryptocurrency-reliant project would rise and garner interest. But then you get something like CryptoCarz, something completely new, yet totally sensible from a business perspective.

Okay, Tell Me More about CryptoCarz

CryptoCarz is the first-ever online gaming platform for automobile and racing enthusiasts. If you like games such as Need For Speed, Gran Tourismo, or Burnout, then CryptoCars should be right up your alley. It is set up to utilize VR technology and make the player feel as if he’s in the car itself. Each vehicle is fully customizable, and you can purchase any modifications – or cars themselves – using cryptocurrency. The company’s website, offers an extensive whitepaper on how they plan on achieving this.

Why Gaming?

The CryptoCarz team, called the Blockchain Studios, love cars. And considering how booming the VR industry is becoming, it felt natural for the Blockchain Studios to combine the two. Basing the entire project in blockchain, however, was the brilliant step further. The project combines their three great passions in a way that promises to be both fun and profitable.

How Will It Work?

Programming-wise, the game’s assets will be built using the Unreal Engine. The team will design the game so that you’ll have several modes. Naturally, single-player and multiplayer modes are a must, but more importantly, each player will have a ‘garage.’ There you can display and modify your car, and it will serve as your showroom.

How does blockchain fit into this? Well, in order to participate in these races, you have to either buy or rent a rig. The team will make a limited amount of cars for each model, and an ERC721 smart contract code will enforce that. You will have to buy a model quickly, though. Once they set a number of models, that number will not increase. When you buy your car, you can store it in your own Ethereum private wallet.

Some Expected Features of CryptoCarz

Gaming Features

Like most online platforms, CryptoCarz will have many events in multiplayer mode. Much like E-Sports Arena contests and tournaments, for instance. Naturally, trade and customization will play a major part in the experience.

Blockchain Features

Buying cars will include a vast number of high-ranking cryptocurrencies. Aside from Ethereum, you will be buying your rides with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, Cardano, Nem, Stellar, Iota, and many others.

Negative Sides of CryptoCarz

Naturally, there are still some questions about CryptoCarz. The team openly say that they cannot reveal much, other than the basic layout of the project. Looking at their roadmap, you’ll notice that there are no ICO sales listed, nor is there any native currency. This can be bad, seeing as most other blockchain-based platforms have detailed roadmaps and whitepapers.

Additionally, CryptoCarz is a VR system. While most VR users (Oculus, PlayStation, etc.) can expect to join the game, non-VR users cannot. And seeing how expensive a VR setup might be, that’s not a good thing.


Even with all the setbacks, CryptoCarz is an ambitious project. If you love cars, have a VR setup, and are willing to spend some crypto-cash, check it out:






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