If you’re still not aware of the Debitum Network, it’s the right time to become familiar with the company. The network is an innovative ecosystem for SMB financing that utilizes the Ethereum Blockchain. In short time, the company managed to gain a ton of attention.

Enter the Debitum Network

Their hybrid ecosystem is based on motivated and decentralized communities and aims to bring together small business borrowers, debt collectors, local risk assessors, and global investors with interconnected smart contracts.

The company has operated for more than three years at this point, and their aim is to reduce the global credit gap for small companies and revolutionize the financial market by creating this new ecosystem.

Just a few days ago, the Debitum Network added the investor, consultant, and serial investor Ian Scarffe to their Board of Advisors. As the organization continues to attract international attention, Ian Scarffe will bring his experience within the Blockchain and Investment markets to help them progress.

Who is Ian Scarffe?

Ian is one of the leading experts in Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Crypto industries. He is at the very heart of the ongoing financial revolution and at the moment, he advises a number of multi-million dollar companies across the world.

Some of these companies include: Hurify (Halifax, Nova Scotia); ICO Bench (Petersburg, Russia); Cube Intelligencee (London, UK); P2P Solutions (London, UK); Oriental Patron Financial Services (Hong Kong); The Shivom Project (Munich Area, Germany); Acorn Collective (Gibraltar) multiple others.

What Does Ian Bring to the Table?

He founded his first company at 17, while he was still in high school. That company managed to secure the cleaning contract for the Adelaide Formula One Grand Prix. Afterwards, the company was awarded for their contribution to the cleanest F1 event in the world that year.

Ian has a personal mission to further develop a culture of entrepreneurship and help both small and large startups alike reach their potential. In order to reach his goal, he recently founded Binkplus Business Incubator, a huge startup incubator that helps entrepreneurs with starting and growing new business ideas and tech ventures.

As we mentioned before, he has helped companies across the world maximize their profits and expand their business reach. Last year, he helped Australian company CanYa become the second most successful ICO ever, with more than 12 million Australian dollars raised in less than 12 months. Also, his expertise helped Cube Intelligence accelerate their pre-sales (20,000,000 Sold Out).

The Focus on the Blockchain Industry

With so much experience under his belt, you might be wondering what Ian is currently focusing on. Now, he has shifted all of his attention to the Blockchain industry, and he offers consulting services, advice, and connections to Blockchain entrepreneurs.

In addition to his entrepreneurial skills, Ian Scarffe also has commercial acumen. He is always focused on worker motivation and innovation, so with him on board, every company can easily improve their services and productivity.

He has the capacity to work at strategic levels and has fantastic negotiation, communication, and interpersonal skills. Therefore, the Debitum Network will surely benefit from this collaboration in the near future. It’s no wonder why they are so excited about the partnership.

Final Thoughts

Debitum’s Chief Executive, Mārtiņš Liberts is more than excited about the collaboration with Ian, because, in his own words, his expertise and work as a Blockchain Advisor will be a “huge asset to the Debitum Network” and its global expansion.

With so much hands-on experience, knowledge, and passion for customer service, Ian Scarffe will be able to offer valuable insight into almost any aspect of Debitum’s business. With his presence, the company will definitely reach their full potential sooner than anyone expected.

If you want to stay on top of things, or simply become more familiar with the Debitum Network and their future plans, we recommend you visit their official website.


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