Debitum Network: Limitless SMB Financing Opportunities on Blockchain

Debitum Network is a new, exciting financial platform built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Its main goal is to deliver free service to SMBs around the globe, free them from the middleman, and give them financial opportunities that have been out of their reach in the past.

SMB Financing Problems

Almost all small businesses suffer from the same problem – they have little to no access to credit. As a matter of fact, according to statistics provided by the World Bank, roughly 70% of SMBs in emerging markets lack access to credit.

In most cases, banks and other financial institutions have strict rules and regulations that prevent micro, small, and mid-sized business from receiving funds from international investors. And this one-sided scenario has led to an estimated credit gap of two trillion dollars.

What exactly is the Debitum Network?

And this is where Debitum Network comes into play. The network was created with the idea that the only way to overcome the barriers of the funding system is to design a financial hub that connects local players for resource sharing.

Debitum’s main goal is to unite the borrowers with insurers, risk assessors, lenders, and other financial professionals. In essence, it’s a secure infrastructure that processes all actions through the aforementioned Ethereum Blockchain. A small organization can utilize the service in their locality since all transactions on Debitum run through fiat currencies.

Who is Behind the Network?

The team behind the Debitum project has a ton of experience in alternative financing platform. They’ve already developed a functional MVP, in which a Blockchain infrastructure runs on Ethereum, based on real requests from small-to-midsize businesses.

Furthermore, the company’s founder Martins Liberts believes that every company, no matter the size, needs to have a fair opportunity to connect with investors across the world. As he explains, he has experienced lack of financial opportunities first-hand, and now, he and his team are trying to change the situation for better.

The team also believes that now is the perfect time for them to share their experiences and help other small organizations grow. So they have proudly designed a tool that gives equal opportunities for businesses of all sizes.

How Does the Debitum Network Work?

All transactions on the Debitum Network are done with DEB tokens. The creators are hoping that if the network becomes more widespread, their token will become a legitimate cryptocurrency with a growing value over time.

Recently, the company concluded their DEP crowd sale campaign. In the first round, the project managed to raise more than 1.2 million dollars. However, the campaign isn’t the only reason why so many people are talking about the Debitum Network.

The organization recently hit the headlines, when they managed to win both the audience and jury awards at the last ICO Pitch Competition. The Debitum Network is actually the first project in the history of the competition to snatch both of these awards.

Future Plans for Debitum Network

From the look of things, the company has big aspirations. And now, you might be wondering, what the team behind the platform has in store for 2018. In short, this is their game plan for this year.

· 2018 Q1: During the first quarter, they are planning to prepare for the global expansion of their network and brand.

· 2018 Q2: Later, the team behind the project plans on establishing the Debitum Network in the first targeted country.

· 2018 Q3: In the third quarter, they will start auditing and testing the 1.0 version of their network, before they launch it publicly.

· 2018 Q4: Lastly, they plan on developing the 1.0 version of the ecosystem, with the help of various investors, asset generators, and additional service providers.

If you want to know more about the Debitum Network and stay informed about their progress, we recommend you visit and bookmark their official website.