In the last twelve months, Cryptocurrencies has been a hot topic around the world. After all, they revolutionized the way in which individuals and organizations alike transfer funds one another.

We’ve seen the first wave of the so-called crypto-revolution, however, we’re nog gearing for the second wave. Thousands of startups all over the globe are starting to use initial coin offerings as a method of raising capital. This is slowly eliminating the need for old venture capital. What’s more, cryptocurrencies might also change the way people lend capital to each other.

And a new company, Debitum Network is aiming to create a platform that will allow individuals lend money without the fees associated with standard lending by eliminating the middleman.

What is Exactly the Debitum Network?

For starters, we should explain what this network actually is. In short, Debitum Network aims to function as a financial platform. They want to help companies of all sizes – but mainly the small ones – realize their full business potential.

They want to use the powerful nature of the Blockchain to distribute and secure flat investments in the small business environment.

The company is founded on the principle of decentralization, fairness, and most importantly, accessibility. This means they want to create a new way in which SMBs will be able to access funding. Also, they intend to address the two trillion credit gap that exists in the SMB sector.

According to World Bank’s recent findings, around 70% of small-to-mid-sized companies in the emerging markets lack access to funding.

Revolutionizing the Financial Market

Now, the organization is trying to take control away from centralized banks, and the overly-regulated nature of credit from the current banking platforms. Small companies have struggled for decades under this regime, and in an effort to fight this, the Debitum Network will try to unite risk assessors, money lender, insurers under one flag.

The network will operate on their own token, called Debitum, or in short, DEB. They plan on integrating advanced AI in order to automate their services and incorporate B2B communication to clear loans and assets. The platform is built in partnership with Debifo, a company that has an asset portfolio of more than 3 million dollars and more than 150K project hours.

The Debitum Network ICO

During the initial token crowdsale, based on the ERC 223 standard, the organization released exactly one million Debitum coins. The crowd sale ended on December 30th last year, and the company managed to raise approximately 1.2 million dollars.

Initially, during the first phase, the Debitum coin was priced at 3,750 for one ETH, and during the second phase, it increased to 3,300 for one ETH. In the last phase, one ETH was valued at 2,888 Debitum coins.

Lastly, 600K of Debitum coins was released in the first crowd sales, and was available for public sale. The remaining 400K was distributed between the reserve, supports, and of course, the Debitum team. With the success of the first crowdsale, the company has managed to carry out the first phase of their plan.

The Bottom Line

When it’s all said and done, you can easily see that the Debitum Network is a well-thought-out initial coin offering, backed by multiple well-established IT and financial organization. In conclusion, the Debitum Network is well-worth your time, and you should consider investing in it.

The company has even more plans for 218, so you should definitely keep an eye on them. If you want to stay on top things and inform yourself more about Debitum Network, we recommend you visit their official website for additional information.


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