Recent technological advances have been rapidly changing the world around us. And one of the industries that are experiencing significant changes is the transportation industry. And DAV is the company that is trying to combine transportation with blockchain technology.

What is DAV?

This company bases its workings on blockchain technologies it uses to improve transportation. It is currently in the process of building a decentralized structure for transportation with the use of blockchains.

One of the main interests of DAV is creating autonomous vehicles. Namely, they strive to create vehicles that are capable of driving themselves. Which is usually only seen in sci-fi movies, but is very close to becoming reality. And the question that pops up when you wonder about this is, how will you hire those cars? After all, they will no longer need a driver. So, in hopes of providing the right answer, DAV wants to make this connection possible. So people who require the use of a vehicle can contact those who own autonomous cars. And DAV is not alone in its endeavors.

It is currently receiving support from multiple famous companies. Among the supporters, you will see NASA, Google, UPS, Ethereum, GM, Equinox, and many others. And, when you see a company with the backing of these names, you know you should keep an eye on it.

How does the DAV Token work?

One of the intentions of DAV is to create a decentralized network of vehicles on demand via an open source protocol. This network would let anyone to buy a vehicle and use it with the system. And, as the network will be open source, any willing company would be able to participate. This way, anyone can offer their services in the network.

Using this system will let you find vehicles that are near you and order them. The system will take over, make the connections, and drive the car straight to you. The basis for the processes will be the Ethereum blockchain technology. And this includes the automatic enforcement of smart contracts. Which means that everyone included will receive their share during the transaction.

The idea is to have no individual company in control of the network. Instead, every company that takes part will have equal power. In essence, this will make the free market grow and allow companies to maximize their potentials. Even individuals without their companies would be capable of participating in the market.

And, the advantages for users are evident. As a user, you will be able to get to places faster than any other company could offer if you live in a city that has a lot of automated vehicles. And, for payments, a new cryptocurrency will be put in place. The DAV Token. With them, you will be able to pay for anything that the platform offers.

And this is a big opportunity for consumers and companies alike. This type of decentralized setup is unique in the current market. In fact, there are no other companies that are even trying to do something similar. Blockchain technologies will allow DAV to be a worldwide payment structure. Not to mention a decentralized system and the security of blockchain technologies.

The Initial Coin Offering

If you want to invest in DAV, you will have to buy their tokens when the ICO goes live. The sale will happen between April 30 and May 13. With 1 ETH you will be capable of buying 10,000 DAV tokens. The sale will have the soft cap set to five million dollars while the hard cap will be at 38 million dollars.

DAV Final Thoughts

DAV definitely seems to be one of the most promising investments out there. Not only does it seem like they have a good grasp of all things related to business, and an original idea that stands to succeed, but they also have the backing of huge companies.

And, when it comes to the return on investment, there are not many references that beat out the fact that Google, NASA, and GM are supporting a company. Not to mention that it would be wise to buy tokens right now if you plan on using these services. The price of these tokens can only go up.

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