people are going to lose jobs as Artificial Intelligence, and robotics take over industry operations. Developeo is a platform that focuses on reshaping education and careers to suit technological needs.

No one ever wants to go through the nightmare of losing a job. During economic tough times, we get news of companies shutting down operations, rendering hundreds or thousands of employees jobless. Well, brace yourself for the tough times because the fourth industrial revolution is here with us.

Reports indicate that robots will take over 40% of the U.S jobs during the fourth industrial revolution! Artificial intelligence will control all factory processes, neural networks and robots processing tremendous teraflops of data. The factory operations will be made easy, economical and faster by this artificial humans. Well, this is critical for transformation of the business operations. The unfair bit is that we the people will lose our jobs.

This statistical indication dovetailed when the Developeo’s whitepaper warned that it expected 400 million to 800 million people in the world to be displaced by automation by the year 2030. The displaced will be expected to find themselves new jobs. I know we are in an argument with this hard fact, but facts are like numbers; they don't lie.

What is Developeo?

These facts have necessitated invention of new and innovative technologies to curb the issues threatening human survival. This is why the inventions in the blockchain technology are growing faster. The blockchain is worth more than $700 Billion today. More businesses have partnered with the blockchain to go in tandem with technological progress. Developeo being one of them, is a multi-business blockchain backed company.

The objectives of Developeo is to transform education and careers through the blockchain. The best instructors will teach students in a revenue shared platform to become the best in their areas of specialty. Additionally, the platform focuses on transforming careers by helping specialized professionals.

The focus of Developeo is transforming education, finance, and banking through fine and high technology created by developers in the open source software community.

Pioneer in education

For the countless times, colleges and universities have been teaching various subjects. Sadly, their teaching only provides a scratch overview of the subject matter. The students get out of college only with the overview of what needs to be done. Could this be one reason why unemployment has been the unprecedented rise?

Nonetheless, the students who wish to become highly contested for the various employers, need to go deeper in learning and explore new technologies. They can achieve this by utilizing the current technology. As technology progresses, so should they.

Developeo operates on the maxim that only the fittest of talent will survive the raging storm of unemployment. The surging market needs more than the basic university education to technological specialization through the open source platform and the blockchain.

Developeo is the pioneer of the blockchain studies. The highly neglected areas of Artificial intelligence, Data Science, Data Art, Artificial Intelligence Behavior can be mastered best through the curriculum of Developeo. These are areas that are applied in real life and grows day by day.

Developeo has been designed to address education needs through its Bootcamps. In the Bootcamps, the best instructors will be picked in the Developeo community. They will be rewarded for their service through the DEVX token. Learning will prepare the students for the current market needs.

Career transformation

Developeo’s EdTech focuses on transforming careers by generating specialized individuals and matching them to their right job in the Developeo’s Marketplace. This is good news for passionate freelancers who do not need to work for unpleasant bosses. The Developeo marketplace will become the world’s number one blockchain based freelance platform where the best tech talent will thrive, matching the right talent for the right job seamlessly.

Just like any other highly rated universities across the globe, Developeo will be able to certify her software developers. Certification will boost the Developeo’s graduate value, and the employers will soon realize the innovative contributions, such employees will bring to their companies. Consequently, the graduates will be highly marketable and will have higher chances of landing into their dream jobs.

The graduates will automatically become the members of the Developeo platform and will instantly start getting the token rewards for their software contribution. They will also begin contributing to the required tech talent at the Developeo marketplace giving them immediate employment. Like the rest, the most talented will be picked for a job.

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