The decentralized infrastructure, DIW, is developing a concept with an intent to address the following issues in an effective manner. The world faces some major problems when it comes to data theft and overall security of your stored information. In addition, it seeks to elevate the status of cryptocurrencies to a level where their usage is not limited. So, how does DIW achieve this?

DIW created a transparent global directory that features a public rating system. This system enables both individuals and organizations to do business without complications or trust issues. What this means is that the users can safely list their services and expand their business.

Moreover, DIW’s secure storage preserves all sensitive data by encrypting it. For instance, their healthcare system ensures that the information between the patient and the doctor remains private. There is also a possibility of sharing your data between the account holders. The same thing applies to your bank and login details, wills, various digital input, and ID documentation. What this digital vault also allows is the ability to access the network anonymously when storing your data.

DIW’s platform accepts all major currencies (crypto and fiat) and puts emphasis on their use by integrating them into their check-out payment system. This system is highly modular as it offers enough space to be used with different websites (such as Joomla).

Premium members get additional services such as enhanced security, a hardware wallet, digital contract escrow services, and additional storage.

DIW is in an official partnership with Ties.DB - a decentralized public database for Ethereum-based applications.

To sum up, the whole platform/project can be divided into the following sections:

- Healthcare (Electronic Health Records)

- DIW decentralized digital vault

- Cryptocurrency (and Fiat) Payment Gateway

- The Global Directory

- Paid Escrow

The Team

Team Members:

DIW team consists of 14 members and 9 advisors. For the sake of keeping the text readable, I will mention only a few (including the co-founders).

Stephanos Constantinou - Stephanos has been working in the crypto and pharmaceutical industries for years. He has relevant experience in Blockchain, negotiation, market planning, operations management, ICO, etc. He is the co-founder of DIWtoken. Stephanos has a masters degree in Business Administration (Henley Management College).

Christopher Zenios - He studied at the University of Nicosia and later on became an SEO trainer. He is the co-founder of the DIW Project and Alcaeus Labs’ COO. Christopher has more than 20 years of relevant knowledge when it comes to Blockchain. That is why his position as an advisor to multiple companies is justified.

Simon Zenios - He is a corporate lawyer as well as ICO Expert. He has a bachelor’s degree in Law, and he graduated from the University of Nicosia (Cyprus). His university is one of the leading ones when it comes to Blockchain technology and its development. Some of the projects on which he worked on with other experts include DIWtoken, Alcaeus Labs, Web Theoria, and


Simon Cocking - He is a world-renowned blockchain expert who is also a professor at the Dublin Institute of Technology. Simon is a senior editor at Irish Tech News and Crypto Coin News as well. He has been a public speaker for more than 20 years and is highly influential when it comes to Blockchain. Additionally, he was listed on six blockchain, data security, and Fintech top influencer lists.

There’s no doubt that the DIW project utilizes the already existing technologies to fuel its platform. However, the DIW project is, if not innovative, interesting enough to pay attention to. It uses these technological elements to enhance the use of cryptocurrencies and strengthen the data security system.

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