What if there was a way for you to be a stakeholder in the climate value chain largely benefitting the privileged few who hold all the control? Wouldn’t you jump at it?

The Capital Asset market, through the creation of a Natural Asset Marketplace, let you participate in this climate value chain. This capital market unlocks the most undervalued asset, the Natural Capital Asset, the world’s leading stock of natural resourced is undervalued and untapped, yet it is worth more than $120 Trillion.

With all the risks to the global economy posed by climate change, the wealth, as well as the prosperity of nations and its citizens is threatened since climate change affects the availability of resources, energy pricing, company valuations, and infrastructure vulnerability. The Capital Asset market is what everyone needs as it reduces emissions and it has the proof of compliance sought by legislators.

As a stakeholder in these Capital Assets, and the disruptive nature of blockchains, you get to package assets with value-added services creating customized offerings which cater to the new market segments, expand the overall markets and create additional wealth.

In this market, you will use Earth Token as the settlement mechanism currency. The Natural Asset Exchange blockchain platform enables the developers of the certified Natural Capital Asset project to list their products including metered outputs, RECs and carbon credits on the unique Blockchain & the Smart Contract platform. The platform, designed for the Natural Asser trading market specifically, will run at no cost.


No costs: first, the trading on the platform will take place at no cost. Secondly, with the Natural Asset residing on a blockchain platform directly, sellers won’t have to incur extra costs normally associated with the third party registries for record of sales and the retirement of assets. Also, there are no registration fees necessary for the buyers, and you do not need to fund your escrow account with an exchange as it is the practice currently.

Fraud-resistance: with the adoption of the top of the shelf innovative technologies around blockchain technology, there is the automatic prevention of the double-spend of all natively loaded assets. As a result, cases of fraud are non-existence on this platform. Since the establishment of Earth Token in 2009, there have been several digital innovations. The latest version of the climate asset management and trading platform established in April of 2017 is safe as it is based on a private permissioned blockchain ledger.

Trading: as mentioned above, there are no registration fees for buyers or the need to fund the escrow accounts. Above that, you will not have a limit on your transaction volumes, unless that is what the seller stipulates. To simplify trading further, buyers don’t have to be registered with third party registries on this blockchain platform. All the current blockchain platforms require registration fees and registration of buyers with third-party registries.

Sellers control the profit pipeline: as a seller on this platform, you control your profit pipeline through access to a range of pricing mechanisms like the spot rate, fixed prices, and various types of auctions. In addition to this, you will get to assign your asset pool based on your chosen percentage of the pool allocation. There are no long-term contractual lock-ins involved.

Flat-rate exchange rates: thanks to the use if the EARTH Tokens as the settlement currency, there is reduced complexity that relates to the flat fate currency exchange rates. The transaction fees are also significantly low.

EARTH tokens are based on Ethereum, the next-gen blockchain protocol which enables advanced Smart Contracts. Ethereum is future-proof with IoT Smart Contracts as an example. It is censorship-resistant, available globally, and if offers transparent guarantees of future operations on this platform. With the use of Ethereum, the use of middlemen and counterparties is eliminated.

Easy Integration: Since market makers like impactChoice have access to Smart Contracts & API’s, there will be direct integration with these systems making it easy to embed Natural Asserts into their products, solutions, or services easily.

Reduced corporate risk: with this blockchain platform for Natural Assets, there is an ability to mitigate the environmental impact in the complex, integrated manufacturing processes and supply chains, just-in-time fashion, and on pay-as-you-go systems. This lowers corporate risk and also the exposure of the hedged Natural Assets.

Use of smart devices: it provides direct sales to customers and businesses as the platform is available on multiple smart devices. The proliferation of smart devices worldwide will boost trading on this platform


With the development and adoption of EARTH Tokens as the underpinning store of value and the settlement mechanism for the Natural Asset Exchange promises a high level of accessibility and transparency in Natural Assets Trading.

Links of interest:

Website: https://earth-token.com

Whitepaper: https://earth-token.com/Whitepaper


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