Your participation in the $120trillion Natural Assets Capital market could be the move needed to lower the risk currently posed by climate change. With the effects of climate change becoming dire, environmental sustainability is no longer a voluntary action: customers and shareholders need to get more engaged to create and adopt a lasting solution.

Exploring the untapped and the undervalued Natural Asset Market through the Natural Asset Exchange Blockchain platform and the use of EARTH token cryptocurrency gives you the opportunity to transform the Natural Capital Asset Market.

The providers of the Natural Capital Asset market include waste to energy projects, solar projects, wind farm projects, carbon sequestration projects, and the avoided emissions projects.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

The Natural Asset Exchange blockchain platform and the Earth token cryptocurrency initial coin offering (ICO) is currently ongoing. This sale offers a unique opportunity for transforming the Natural Capital Asset Market through the creation of a Natural Asset marketplace. This marketplace gives all stakeholders an opportunity to take part in the climate value chain.

Token Holder Value

The Token Holder value comes about because of the dynamics of demand and supply where the medium of exchange is available in limited supply.

With the increase in the value and the volume of transactions across the Natural Asset Exchange that uses EARTH as the settlement mechanism because of fixed supply, the value of the token appreciates naturally because of scarcity. As a result, there is an increase in the market capitalization of EARTH Cryptocurrency.

Demand Side Solutions

These are the solutions prescribed to drive demand for the Natural Asses through the provision of unique environmental sustainable solutions. Technological elements enable clients to address the adaptation of climate change. They also create a differentiated value which helps clients build their brand equity and to increase their market share.

Carbon Mitigation: this has been a joint project between supply side partners and the EARTH Token to enable organizations of all sizes to compensate the negative effects on the environment that result from the business operations of the organizations. Carbon mitigation kicked off in 2009.

Through the use of business models and technology platforms, clients can identify and apportion environmental impacts plus the mitigation efforts to specific activities responsible for and associated with the production of a product or the provision of a service.

By determining the mitigation mechanisms and the associated costs, clients can engage their customers in their efforts. They also get to distribute the burden as well as the opportunity to their customers for them to be environmentally responsible. This extends the reach increasing the impact of these efforts across the chain.

Waste to energy: this refers to the process of generating energy from primary waste materials through the creation of synthetic fuels from the wastes then using the fuel to create energy.

One of the waste-to-energy strategies is gasification of plants that can convert carbon-containing feedstock like biogas, municipal solid waste, or coal into synthetic gas, Syngas.

Syngas is a clean, dry, and a flexible fuel that you can burn to generate heat and electricity. You can also pass Syngas through different catalysts to produce fluids such as transportation fuels like clean-burning diesel or pure hydrogen for use in industries.

Climate Neutral Fuel: for climate change control and to drive demand for Natural asserts, the use of climate neutral fuel is a smart move. It is the turnkey approach which increases the operational efficiency of the internal combustion equipment like generators, and vehicles.

In combination with proven technologies and asset monitoring/ management, there is an increase in fuel efficiency as well as reduced fuel costs and the reduced emission of harmful elements that are associated with combustion fuel. With the incorporation of an integrated mechanism, customers compensate for the residual emissions.


Besides driving the demand for the Natural Assets, carbon mitigation, the use of climate neutral fuels, and waste-to-energy strategies boost the value of EARTH Token cryptocurrency. These demand drivers are also essential in mitigating the negative effects of climate change.

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