Elementh – A Company You Should Keep An Eye Out For

So, you spot Elementh, and you think ‘Hey, this is just another blockchain-based company. How is this one any different from the rest?’ And your fears would have some validity to them – there are a lot of blockchain technology projects out there. A lot. So much that you can no longer tell if something is legitimate or a scam.

Rest assured, Elementh is no scam. But what exactly it is – you’ll find out if you keep on reading.

The Ins and Outs of Elementh

As stated on the official website, Elementh is a new blockchain specifically made for the e-commerce-based sector. The operative idea behind it is to have a blockchain platform that serves as a register of ‘ownership of goods’. It can also utilize smart contracts to trade the goods in question. As a user of Elementh, you will be able to use it to craft several centralized and decentralized applications; these will, in turn, be further developed by third-party developers, and later on e-commerce companies can use them.

Aside from the system of goods, this blockchain has a system of tokens as well. Using a decentralized token, you can use the system to purchase goods and services. This will be assisted greatly by the system of goods. Third-party apps can greatly help companies place their products and services online. A customer can easily find the products, use them, and then sell them off if they so choose.

How Elementh Functions

In terms of customers, Elementh has massive benefits. You will be able to pay for a service via smart contract. However, if the product appears defective, or if it doesn’t satisfy you, you can get your money back with no problem. Thanks to Ethereum, you can easily check if the product is fake or not, or if it comes directly from the manufacturer. Geolocation is there too – you can track your order as it moves, or locate where it comes from.

In terms of the companies, they can sort and arrange their products better with blockchain. The smart contracts enable them to interact with their customers directly, allowing them to be as transparent as possible. Both the companies and the customers get a lot of benefits from third-party apps as well – they can offer better, more varied services for less money.

How to Invest

You can invest in the company by buying its built-in tokens, the EEE. The pre-ICO and pre-sale both ended mid-February. The ICO, on the other hand, starts at April 1st and ends on April 30th. The supply comes up to 195 million EEE, with the hard cap expected to be 30.000ETH.
During the ICO sale, 1EEE will amount to 0.0002ETH. The Whitelist bonus is 30% for the first day, and 15% for the second. You have plenty of time to think it over, though the offer seems to be enticing.

Can I Trust Elementh?

Of course! The company started its life in 2012, growing from the newly-established MIIX company. In that time, Elementh and the team behind it accrued a number of awards. In total, they won four awards, were finalists in five and semi-finalists in two related events. Their partners include SAP Hybris, Sberbank-AST, GMT-Legal, Foxico, and BitRewards. And speaking of Foxico, they rated Elementh with rather high remarks, as did IcoMarks, WiserICO, TrackICO, and FoundIco.

One look at both the team and the advisors should also put you at ease. Each and every member is a veteran in their field, most having worked on other projects together, like Miix and SmallHorse. But if you’re still on the edge, their main page has a section of user reviews, and naturally – most of them are positive.

Some Final Words

Indeed, Elementh sounds like a dream blockchain company to invest in. Whether it’s the promise of easier and safer trade or their sales offers, Elementh does not have any flaws that would have you look for other blockchain-based platforms. Invest today, and enjoy not being wrong in doing so.

Links of interest:

Website: https://elementh.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ahooleeman

Telegram: https://t.me/elementh_community