Enjoy life: Changing How Loyalty Programs Operate

Current market trends

There is a significant increase in the number of smartphone users in today’s global market. The ComScore Inc. reports states that in 2014 the number of mobile phone users exceeds that of desktop users. Between 2014 and 2016 the mobile marketing market has increased from $45 billion to $58 billion. Forecasts by Gartner report that an estimated 268 billion downloads done via mobile phones in 2017 will bring in revenue worth $77 billion.

The biggest group of mobile phone application users falls under the ages 18-24. Their use decreases as you go up the age brackets. According to GO-Globe, of the time spent on digital media, 52% of it is spent on various mobile applications. The annual estimated increase is 20%.

With these numbers, more and more companies are taking notice and beginning to do something about it. They are moving away from traditional approaches to loyalty programs and putting them in a mobile application format. The problem, however, comes in when a single user gets bombarded with apps they have to download to enjoy discounted services from stores and restaurants they go.

As it stands, it’s hard for many cryptocurrency users to make use of their coins in their daily lives. As it stands, in a lot of territories, it is not a recognized currency, with those in that economy asked to exercise caution when transacting.

How Enjoy Life is changing the market

Enjoy life has come up with an application where you can get discounts from your favorite purchase points, and make payments in multiple currencies, including cryptocurrency. There are two ways you can rip the benefits of the Enjoy Life application. As a client, you can use it for the discount and bonus function of it. If you’re a business partner, you can use it to attract customers to your business.

The company is hoping to have 8,000 B2B businesses enrolled onto their platform in 2018 and four times the number in 2020. 62% of the targeted groups will be from CIS, 25% from Europe and the remaining companies from the USA.

Partner membership and franchise program

After signing up for $14.99, a business partner activates a $199 franchise. It gets them certification training that will allow them to attract businesses from other countries. With each payment, a partner receives 12% of the funds from discounts issued. Along with that, companies can claim additional earnings of up to 10% for every business invited to the platform and converts.

Payment system

For anyone in the cryptocurrency economy, paying for everyday purchases using your coins is convenient. You can take a mostly abstract form of currency and use it to transact. The hustle of converting the coins into the local or international money is removed, eliminating conversion and transaction fees. For businesses using fiat or cryptocurrency, it just made doing business a lot easier and lowers the cost of doing business. Should you come across a company that isn’t part of the crypto economy, you can still make payments in their preferred currency.

About Enjoy Life

Enjoy life was founded in 2017 but began as a project in 2014. The team is made up of professionals and enthusiasts who wanted to create a financial platform that allows users to deal in multiple currencies through their platform. Among other services, they offer a multicurrency wallet that makes for easy and quick transactions, including those does in fiat or cryptocurrency.

Links of interest:

Website: http://ico.enjoy-life.world/en

Whitepaper: http://ico.enjoy-life.world/Enjoy%20Life_WP_eng.pdf