About five years ago, no one could have guessed how far Bitcoin would come, even as its price seems to be constantly growing. The recent public awareness of Bitcoin and the Blockchain network, in general, has more and more people interested in this new digital phenomenon. Due mainly to much mainstream news covering bitcoin performance, people are now getting a better understanding of the previously secrecy shroud blockchain technology and the whole cryptocurrency world. When previously we had only one widely accepted currency – Blockchain – we now have several widely accepted coins in the market such as Ethereum, Factom, MaidSafe among others. This growth has not been confined just to the tokens and coins, there have been new uses for the blockchain itself. The Enjoy Life ICO aims to create a universal payment ecosystem which promotes interaction between the mainstream economy and the cryptocurrency world for exchange, calculation, and commerce within one platform.


Enjoy Life ICO is the brainchild of a team of 20 professionals who came together in 2014 with the plan of eliminating barriers between the crypto community and the real world. The company aims to deliver a platform where all users can freely, securely and comfortably receive, store and send their cryptocurrency and fiat payments. In 2017, Enjoy Life developed an application for smartphones that combines various payment systems, discount programs, and a trading platforms. The Enjoy Life platform has already begun operations in 4 countries including Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Poland.

Enjoy Life boasts of having the Bitcoin replenishment and conversion mechanism on board and users will be able to operate with Ethereum by December 2017. The beauty of this system is that these activities can all be carried out without the involvement of any third party converting services. Third party conversion services are often confusing and complex payment systems used to carry out transactions on personal accounts and online stores. The system aims to be the connection between cryptocurrencies and mainstream use.


The multi cryptocurrency based financial platform combines 5 major elements on one easy to use app. These include:

  • A multicurrency wallet
  • A seamless payment system
  • An up to date trading platform
  • An international marketplace and
  • A discount program.

Since the platform focuses on multicurrency integration, both fiat and cryptocurrencies can be used for transactions. This seems to be the main selling point as users are not limited to cryptocurrencies or fiat money.


The Enjoy Life multicurrency wallet combines both crypto and fiat currencies and aims to enable you to carry out all your transactions from one versatile app. The platform only accepts payments in bitcoins for now, but they plan on adding Ethereum to the platform by December 2017, with other top currencies to be featured in the future.


This is one of the new features that Enjoy Life brings that distinguishes them from other general cryptocurrency payment platforms. The bonus and discount system is constructed to profit both the user and the businesses when any transaction is made. To begin, businesses are required to pay a one-time fee for registration and activation of their Enjoy Cashier account. Upon activation, the blockchain acts as the ultimate data storage for all the transaction, this makes accounting and managing business finances and profits easier.

The discount program will encourage businesses to compete with each other by offering interesting discounts for Enjoy Life users. Users will benefit from using a simple paying platform that is easy to use and does not you to constantly fill in any special codes for bonuses. All discount bonuses are automatically available to the platform users.


The Enjoy Life Token (ENJL) is the main means of payment within the platform. Tokens can be used for buying various products or services and allows businesses carry out general advertising within the system.


The Enjoy Life coin offering and token sale starts on the 1st of December 2017 and ends on the 15th of January 2018. There is also a pre-ICO limited phase which will start on the 1st of November 2017 and will last for about two weeks. It is expected that the ENJL token will start at about $0.5 and the final selling price is expected to be around $20.


The Enjoy Life platform has been proven to work as it has already been adopted by a few businesses, however, the main hurdle seems to be their acceptance as a tool for carrying out transactions by the public. Also, the system seems to focus on the bonuses, discounts and general perks for users buying goods through their apps and who doesn’t love bonuses.


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