Enjoy Life: the multi-wallet platform for individuals and businesses

Enjoy Life (EL) began in 2014 after a team of professionals and enthusiasts teamed up to create a financial platform that deals with multiple currencies. The elements of the platform are the multicurrency wallet, trading platform, payment system, discount loyalty program, the marketplace, academy of modern business management and interaction with business partners and clients

The platform aims to create an environment where each user can securely and comfortably receive, send and store both fiat and cryptocurrency payments without the involvement of third-party payment and conversion services, online stores or personal accounts. With this idea in place, the company came into existence on 1st June 2017 in Ukraine. The mission of the organization is to implement solutions meeting the needs of users and business partners in the crypto community in a manner that adds value.

Currently, the multicurrency wallet, business partner and customer cooperation and the international loyalty program have been launched. The platform is also operational in four countries; Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Poland.

At the heart of it, the EL project wants to create a universal payment ecosystem that unites the cryptocurrency and real-world economies. Within this space, they’ll be able to exchange, interact and run calculations. Clients on this platform get discounts from business partners, make payments via a platform that offers maximum convenience- it just takes one click- among other services.

The Enjoy Life App

So far, 200 business partners from around the globe have joined EL due to the ease with which one can use the platform. These partners are from different fields of trade since the base system integrates with any industry. Businesses can monitor orders and transactions relating to partner-companies via the CRM system that allows them to access the database. This same platform is accessed through the mobile application available for download on both Apple Store and Google Play.

The app combines storage of offers (discounts, bonuses, etc.) from company partners’, a trading platform and a multicurrency wallet. With this mobile application in hand, you don’t have to carry around cards or have multiple store applications to get discounts. For every purchase made within the system, a user receives a discount.

There are two packages that EL offer; one is for clients and the other for business partners. If you’re a business and you’re looking for a platform that can offer you a multicurrency wallet and space where you can make payments quickly, then this one will work for you. For businesses looking for a system where you don’t have a second mode for adding merchants, can make quick and secure payments, receive advertising support and get 10% profit from every customer purchase, then you should consider this platform.

How does the platform work?

Enjoy Life partners, depending on the size of their business, offer discounts to clients for any purchase via the platform. The cut is published on enjoy-life.world, along with the company’s information, all accessible via your smartphone. For a transaction to take place, the business should have the Enjoy Cashier application where they invoice the amount owed. A user scans the QR code that’s displayed to make the payment. Once the transaction is complete, companies can track all purchases within the Enjoy Cashier app. Both clients and partners can facilitate withdrawals to a bank account or have it converted into a cryptocurrency.

With their CRM system, a business partner can monitor all their outlets. The physical location or the scale of the business doesn’t play a role in how efficiently you can track all transactions. You can also make payments to outlets using the platform. For companies wishing to advertise, they can create campaigns for their network or that of Enjoy Life. The approaches that you can take to make an advertising campaign are unlimited. Information about the business is on the ‘Partner’ tab.

Links of interest:

Website: http://ico.enjoy-life.world/en

Whitepaper: http://ico.enjoy-life.world/Enjoy%20Life_WP_eng.pdf