In 2014, a team of enthusiasts and professionals came together to start a project where the financial platform created would deal in multiple currencies. One of these coins was to include cryptocurrency. On the first day of June 2017, Enjoy Life (EL) was founded to do just that, and increasing the conveniences of how users transact via mobile applications. This platform consolidates businesses and functions needed to pay for goods and other business operations without having third-party applications.

The elements of the platform include an academy of modern business management certification, discount loyalty program, interaction with business partners and clients, the marketplace, multicurrency wallet, a payment system and trading platform. Based in Ukraine, it also operates in Kazakhstan, Poland, and Russia. The product is targeted toward cryptocurrency users who want to transact using crypto coins but still have to interact with businesses that always use traditional means of payment.

The company’s mission is to join the real world and cryptocurrency economies. The platform facilitates interaction, formulation of calculations and exchange between them. It also offers a ‘one click’ convenient paying for goods and services.

Intra-platform currency

The ENJL token is the currency used within the platform to facilitate some activities. These include payments of products and services to other members of the system, the opportunity for a user to earn on promotions run by Enjoy Life, the realization of B2B and B2C opportunities, as well as push notifications to keep you in the know. Still in the developmental stage is the rental visual store.

ENJL tokens

With every transaction, a commission is paid. Users, however, have the choice of how they’ll do that. There’s ENJL token or USD. If you choose the former, the cost will be 10-40% cheaper, depending on the service and amount. Those businesses that use and accept the tokens will receive more discounts and privileges on the Enjoy Life platform. These incentives are in place to encourage more people to join and participate in the crypto economy.

EL will issue tokens in 5 rounds depending on the capitalization of the platform. The limit of tokens issued is 50 million pieces, with no limit set on how many a user can purchase. Regardless of the investment period, the cap on token issued by the company is to ensure growth in the cost of investments. Investors who buy 500, 000 and above during the ICO get the opportunity to select a country where they wish to collect commission payments.

For a year, 70% of all funds get paid to the investor as royalty. Payouts will be made every three months, from the day the franchise rights become granted. The payments go directly to the investor’s ETH wallet. After the 12 months lapse, an investor can have their franchise rights extended. This extension happens if the estimate of active users within that territory is more than 0.03% of the number of the people there. After that, the rights are up to review depending on the annual growth.


As with any investments, there is an element of risk involved. Only parties who understand the uncertainties involved get to participate in the issuing of tokens. There are however restrictions on the people who can engage. They include US persons and citizens from Singapore and Canada. For those with the platforms, there are at liberty to transact with anyone within the platform and are not intended for sale, especially in some countries. As with any blockchain and digital token technology, there are certain aspects of how the token function that is supervised and controlled by global regulatory bodies. Given the new nature of the crypto economy, investments can either pay off or act as a business lesson.

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