Envion Security: How secure is your cryptocurrency?

Security is one of Envion core values and encompasses the safety of the community members and data. It starts with the professional software development complemented by organized operational security. The systems are not entirely failsafe because human error and bugs do occur, but the system is designed to minimize the impact of such incidents.

When it comes to the mobile mining unit (MMU), proper security measures are in place. Precautions are necessary because they’ll be located in different parts around the world. That possesses a security challenge as with any company when putting up infrastructure. The design meant to mitigate security breaches in a hypothetical situation. To make it so, the MMU is compartmentalized.

Network security

These compartments are communication, automated cooling system, mining workers, automatic security module, network and automated cooling system. The good thing about this design is that if any compartment gets compromised, it will not affect the other. Communication between the MMU and the Unified Mining Cloud (UMC), where operations take place, is encrypted.

Security of and between the Envion systems are governed by an encryption compartment. It rests between the communication system and the other chambers mentioned before. The communications department connects to the internet meaning that it’s vulnerable to possible attacks. Should this happen, the essential material remains secured in the encryption compartment.

The compartmentalization of the different systems means that there’s no communication between them. They are all only individually connected to the encryption unit. Each section has its own VLAN, and therefore, in the event of a breach, none of the others will be affected. If you’re concerned about the encryption creating a way to access all the other compartments through the VLAN, such an operation will not be possible. By default, this shared chamber does not allow inter-VLAN communication. That way, the integrity of communications by Envion is maintained.

Physical security

The actual MMU unit lays protected by perimeter security, access restrictions, and surveillance. Trusted platform modules (TPM) are in play from the get-go, with secure boots used whenever available. Each data disk is encrypted; removing a hard drive will prove to be a pointless endeavor.

In the initial MMU models, keys and passwords will be stored within the system and enforced by signed executables. Later models Envion will be stored outside the unit and provided only on demand, securing locking the MMU. The company will then remotely activate said passwords.

In case of physical disconnection of a device or cable, the mining optimization and central management system (UUC) alerts Envion immediately. Future generations MMUs will disable a switch port to prevent other network devices from gaining access to the MMU. Should the different device be plugged, it is flagged as defective and won’t infiltrate the system.

System updates

Another point of concern when it comes to the MMU is the event of a failed system updates. The system design puts Envion in a position where they are able to make sure it happens. When an update within a compartment is scheduled, the trusted computing base (TCB) clones it. A patch is then applied to the clone. The TCB then performs checks for that compartment.

When the process ends, the old version of the compartment gets removed, and the clone becomes operational. In case of an interruption either by power failure or another reason, the TBC always complete the process. Updates are however infrequent, and should one be required, two redundant UUCs within each MMU will provide operational safety.

Account passwords

The security of accounts within the community is an integral part of the security system. In case of a password leak, all accounts will remain secure. That said, security also begins with a user as they should keep their passwords private. When a person wants to withdraw funds, transaction authentication numbers will be used as extra security to discourage defrauders.

Account monitoring is part of security operations. If an anomaly is detected, such as multiple failed logins, the change of device and region accessibility, actions are taken immediately. If there’s a hacking threat, the account is temporarily locked, and the account owner is contacted and asked to provide transaction authentication numbers.


The cloud-based nature of IT technology, and by extension crypto mining, is prone to cyber-attacks. This security concern hinders many people from participating in this crypto economy. As Envion rolls out its operations, community members can have some comfort knowing that the best security measures are in place.

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