Envion has developed technology that represents the future of data centers. These centers are mobile, modular, low maintenance and flexible, with all features designed to tackle the challenges of an evolving world. Their strategy is based on three technologies: the Mobile Mining Units, the Unified Mining Cloud (UMC) and the global Smart Energy Sourcing (SES).

The systems explained

The MMUs are decentralized and offer 4.0 automation. They require little maintenance, are modular with a replicable design. They work to manage different electricity sources and equally adapt to varying climates. The MMU is housed in a 20ft intermodal container and uses 100kw. It functions by turning energy into cryptocurrencies or alternative data applications. It has an efficient and failsafe cooling system, so burnout is unlikely.

The central hub, or the UMC, manages operations of mobile mining units around the world. It takes an automated and decentralized approach to data aggregation, optimization, and control of MMUs. Several factors influence finding an optimal mining strategy. They include the traded price of the cryptocurrency, energy price at the location at any given time, mining difficulty, hardware generation only to mention a few. The Envion UMC also handles and supervises the network's service and maintenance operations.

The global SES technology is tasked with identifying and securing locations with low energy prices. The database has been developed and continually updated in collaboration with a renowned German scientific institution that specializes in renewable energies. The system uses knowledge of feed-in tariffs for renewables, price structures for industrial users, taxes, levies, discounts for on-site consumption, grid fees and exemptions, to name a few, to identify the best locations for mining cryptocurrencies and processing data. The country does not limit the sites; the SES zooms into the micro level to the wind farm or transformer. This way there is no bias in the location of the grid.

Why the MMU is the future of cryptomining

The attributes of the mobile mining unit quickly identify it as equipped to deal with the operational challenges experienced by most companies.

The MMUs are inside CSC-certified intermodal (sea) containers that ship to any location in the world within days or weeks. These units use green energy from the location source. An example would be a unit in a desert next to a solar power plant. This ability to ship anywhere in the world gives Envion an upper hand when negotiating with energy providers. The scalability of the MMUs is also a plus.

To ensure a higher ROI, Envion creates devices that are low risk. They do this because when energy cost is a factor, high-performance machines are not necessarily the best way to go. The components of the devices used in the MMU are therefore well-engineered to balance energy consumption and risk.

When it comes to moving, adding, removing or replacing the units, the operability of the system, or any part of it, is not affected. Their plug n' play system will be designed to balance and track all components in the unit. The speed with which the MMU begins mining will be an impressive feature to watch. Once an energy source and network systems are set up, cryptomining should take only a few minutes to start. It cuts the time wasted between setup and operation in a typical case.

The scalability of the mobile mining units is what makes the expansion that Envion wants to undertake virtually unlimited. With the growth of the renewable sector, locations, where they can set up, are continually increasing. The design is easily replicable; the time between mass production and entry into the market is minimal.

Cooling is a critical factor in the efficiency of any data-center. In the desert example given earlier, the MMU can scale without having to be adapted. The cooling system used in the unit is error proof and mostly passive, meaning you don't need people on the grown to mitigate in regions with high temperature.


With the rapid expansion of technology and renewable resources, Envion is maximizing the role it'll play when the history of cryptomining get written.

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