EQUI Review

The creators behind EQUI have announced it as a new platform that will connect financial investors and emerging entrepreneurs. In its essence, EQUI is the name of a cryptocurrency. But it is also much more – and that is what we will try to convey in this review.

EQUI represents a combination of a blockchain-based cryptocurrency and a venture capital investment platform.

With the introduction of the EQUItoken, a user will be able to access the EQUI platform and invest within it. Furthermore, by investing within the platform, you will receive up to 70% of the profit from supported endeavors. The team behind EQUI promises to provide its users with a unique entry into the world of investment opportunities. This relates to a global network that will help you, a potential user and investor, to find the right ventures for your investment. The platform thus created promises to promote diverse business sectors such as biotechnology, SaaS, fintech or e-commerce. Also, it aims to include regular-income individuals into an area of investments previously reserved only for the extremely wealthy.

The main pattern for doing business in this ecosystem is investing in exchange for stock in new and inventive endeavors. Such projects will vary in terms of size and estimated duration. But what they will have in common, as the EQUI team announces, is that each project presented on their platform will be rigorously vetted before they indeed include it there and recommend to their token holders.

As we’ve said, the main purpose of holding EQUItokens is to invest in projects displayed by the EQUI platform. If you invest, EQUI will reward you with 70% of the gains, in form of an Ether deposit in your EQUI wallet. All projects will be designated an investment target or threshold. In case that this target is not reached within the stipulated time frame, all EQUItokens will go back to their investors.

Users who simply purchase the token and hold onto it within the platform will receive 5% of the profit. Of course, as is the case with every new ICO, there will be users who only purchase the token and speculate on its further market behavior and worth. So, as you see, possibilities of gaining a profit on this platform, in various ways, are plentiful.

EQUI was founded by experienced businessman Doug Barrowman and influential entrepreneur Baroness Mone of Mayfair, OBE. The entire team, though, includes an extensive personnel vastly experienced in matters of investment, project development, marketing, and cryptocurrencies.

EQUI hopes to raise as much as $80 million through the initial coin offering, an online sale of the new cryptocurrency.

The pre-sale will start on March 1, 2018, whereas the public ICO will commence one week later. The pre-sale is earmarked for potential backers ready to invest a minimum of $100,000. However, the March 8 main sale will be starting at $100. The total token supply amounts to 250 million EQUItokens, and their individual price is $0.50. It is also worth noting that 65% of the total number is publicly available during the ICO. The rest of the tokens will be distributed among the founders, the EQUI team and Advisory Board, and set aside for Bounty Rewards (2%).

In order to take part in the ICO, you will need to provide only your name and address. The platform will treat that information with the utmost confidentiality. As for the EQUItoken, it represents a standard ERC20 token built on the Ethereum platform.

Also, be advised that, as of now, there are certain geographical restrictions with regard to the application. Namely, citizens of the US, China, Canada, South Korea and Singapore are not eligible to invest in the token sale.

Still, regardless of this limitation, EQUI has announced a game-changing movement in terms of investments and venture capital.

With the introduction of its own token, EQUI aims to create an exciting new trading platform for various types of users. If you are interested at what they have to offer or are curious about the results of the upcoming ICO, we suggest you keep an eye on them. You can do so by visiting their highly informative website or reading their white paper.