What is Essentia ESS?

Essentia’s goal is to develop and provide a complete modular structure for its users. This structure will make it possible for users to have total control over their data, personal information, privacy, and assets.

It operates as a decentralized system, and it can be managed by people, machines, IoT devices, etc. Essentia makes the integration of decentralized and centralized resources in one place possible. User data and personal data are connected to a certain user’s digital ID, which can be either public or anonymous (sometimes pseudo-anonymous too).

The great thing about Essentia is that it can be used across multiple platforms and services. Some implementations of Essentia have already been put to use in Ethereum, Storj, EtherDelta, and IPFS.

How Does It Work?

A full-featured and personalized platform is Essentia’s goal. Functions on the platform are built from the “Seed” outward, and they largely rely on basic cryptographic capabilities, such as sign, verify, encrypt, and decrypt.

More precisely, it is a modular framework built from a Seed by obtaining its extended keys and by associating their related “data” to them. The data is encrypted and available in decentralized storage, local copies or backups. Such data is associated with their corresponding extended keys and interpreted as “registry entries” by the system.

The “Seed” refers to the user’s data. The only one that has the full ownership, control, and access is the user himself. This includes all connected IDs, assets, and data that are associated with the Seed. Essentia can be used by both humans or machines, as there is no difference in use.

Essentia includes many modules in its framework. Some of them are IDs, KeyRing, wallet, login, DApp center, decentralized exchange, accountless exchange, prediction markets, decentralized storage, a decentralized VPN, crypto nodes, and more.

These modules can be integrated into the Essentia framework, and you’d be surprised how easy - you can do it with one click. Every user who has their Seed will be able to access and use their decentralized framework, regardless of where they are. Also, any type of device or system, even those in virtualized environments, can be used to access the framework.

In words of a layman, Esentia is a secure digital identity, which can be used by people and smart devices. The identity can be carried across various apps and devices, for example, a social network, or a decentralized exchange. The platform’s goal is to emphasize privacy, control, and lack of censorship.

A single, persistent ID across numerous platforms is everything you need in order to log in. You can take back the ownership of your data and share it selectively with whomever you want.

Major blockchain projects like Ethereum, IPFS, Aragon, and Gnosis all have integrations in Essentia.

Features of Essentia

Let’s go through some of the Essentia’s core features together. The list follows:

  • A modular, decentralized framework that can be easily customized, and can be used by both humans and machines

  • Blockchain-based and decentralized identities (for humans and machines)

  • Secure data backed by cryptography

  • Total privacy; only the user has full ownership and control

  • A customized environment which allows users to interact with numerous IDs, manage decentralized and centralized resources, assets, cross-chain resources, and more

  • Available 24/7

  • Decentralized

  • Available cross-chain, multi-chain, and multi-protocol

  • Modular

  • Flexible

  • Scalable

  • Anti-censorship focused environment

  • Non-corruptible data

  • Open source and hardware (software and hardware implementations available)

  • Language and host agnostic

  • Fault-proof

All in all, Essentia is here to show us what decentralization really is. Many have tried to “recentralize” decentralized resources, but Essentia wants to rebuild a decentralized system, in accordance with the original concept. This is about embracing the original idea of decentralization, which we have forgotten all about.

Who is in Charge?

A non-profit organization called Essentia One is behind the project. They are based in Amsterdam and were founded in 2017.


We would best describe Essentia as secure, free of censorship, and a digital identity system based on blockchain technology, which emphasizes privacy. Decentralization has played an important role in the development of Essentia, as the goal is to give users total control of decentralization. With on-chain and off-chain interoperability between users, devices, and third parties enabled, this can be achieved. Simply put, a framework for a decentralized, digital life is the ultimate goal that founders of Essentia have in mind.

Website: https://essentia.one/

Whitepaper: https://essentia.one/whitepaper.pdf


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