The Helbiz Mobility System is one of the welcome additions to the Ethereum Blockchain, powered by native Helbiz Coins. Helbiz will allow other companies that want to join in the Ethereum Blockchain technology to create decentralized apps. The app and the whole Helbiz system will be launched in Q2 of 2018, where you will be able to see how it exactly works.

The system will connect vehicle owners, people who are in need of transportation and any accompanying service providers, such as insurance providers. To make the whole process as simple as possible, Helbiz Mobility System will add a number of services to a single platform.

Those services include an explorer, which will allow the users to discover nearby available vehicle options, as well any related services. A nifty addition to the mix is the internal exchange platform for major cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. With the system, you will also get a built-in wallet, which will enable you to easily use Helbiz tokens.

Another feature in the same mix will be smart contract templates that will allow owners to seamlessly share their vehicles. Data providers will also get smart contract templates that will set a series of rules, determining the level of reward they will be getting, too.

How this will actually look in real time is that you will get on your smartphone to browse the vehicles first. Then, the system will verify your digital identity, as well as the identity of the owner. The next step will be to accept the terms and conditions, the fare price and the rental duration. Once you’ve done that, your smartphone will essentially become your key, as it will have remote access capabilities. The only step left is the payment, which will automatically be deducted from your digital wallet.

One of the main issues that will arise is privacy and security concerns; something Helbiz is actively looking to prevent from happening. This will be done mostly through the services mentioned above.

Security threats are rising when it comes to smart vehicles, as a security breach can cause a malfunction that may lead to a serious accident. Lack of privacy is a growing concern in today’s world and rightfully so. This concern is present mainly because of the fact that communication architectures do not factor in user’s data privacy. As a consequence they do not pay as much attention to it. The centralization of the servers where smart vehicles store their data is another issue, albeit not that big unless at some point a single error brings the whole network down.

While this whole idea may sound a little far-fetched to some, with the addition of the Helbiz coin, it is certainly more than possible. It is doable. Helbiz Mobility System, paired with Helbiz coins will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the mobility ecosystem. They will also have the option to search, use and review different service providers within that ecosystem.

Simultaneously, the service providers will have the option to publish their offers or create elaborate, but useful, marketing campaigns. The whole environment will be rated by review/rating system, which will have a tough job of proving to be a fair one.

Lastly, the whole concept will be powered by a big token sale event. There, Helbiz will offer 48 percent of the 1 billion total supply, which is 520.000.000 HBZ. The remainder of the allocation model will be as follows: 25% of the tokens will be held in reserve, 3% will go to the bounty program, 10% to the advisors and early backers, another 10% will go to the team, and 4% is already on presale. The said presale is going great, with over 33 out of 40 million HBZ already bought.

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