If you are a diehard football fan, it is probable you have come across the fan-controlled football league based on the blockchain platform. This fan-controlled football league is FCFL.

This league aims to transition the traditional management and ownership systems of football leagues from a few stakeholders to the real fans. For this, this league created a unique utility token that will drive the league’s decision making and the engagement of the most active football fans.

About FAN Tokens

FAN token is an ERC20 Compliant Smart Token. This will be every football fan’s unit of power through which all the football interactivity is derived. Your level of control will be proportional to the value of tokens in your ownership. Also, your power in the league and the value of your tokens will rely on your skill set, knowledge, and the frequency with which you engage with the FCFL.

FAN tokens are Ethereum-based, and they leverage the power of blockchain technology bringing into the league a high level of transparency and through the use of an ongoing ledger. The blockchain and the ledger are the keys to unlocking decentralization and for creating and providing trust in the system for all the involved parties.

With the FAN tokens, you get to unlock the tiers of access to the content, your voting rights and you also access exclusive experiences with the league and the league sponsors.

The other reasons why you need to get the FAN tokens include:

  1. An increase in your coaching power

Ever dreamt of coaching a football league but thought against it as just a dream? Well, FCFL brings those dreams to you, up close.

Every team in the FCF will have a FAN token leaderboard ranking the fans from top to bottom. The coaching power of the teams gets distributed across the leaderboard for each team. The fans taking the top slots gain more influence over the teams, and the fans at the bottom of the leaderboard get the least coaching powers.

Your coaching power depends on, among other factors, the total number of FAN tokens you own, your total amount of FAN tokens that you earn within a specific period, as well as the offensive and the defensive statistics you accumulate when your fans call successful plays for their respective teams.

  1. Wagering

Although FCFL will not support wagering, in the beginning, peer-to-peer wagering is an essential functionality in the works.

  1. Individual play calling

Thanks to your FAN tokens, you and your buds will not just watch the game on the couch over beers, cussing the players; FCFL gives you the power to call in the players for the next play. Isn’t that amazing? Well, severally, in the course of the hour-long games, you and even groups of token holders will get selected to call a play. This provides you an opportunity to be the team’s sole offensive coordinator for the play. The blockchain transparency makes this possible, and it helps boost your confidence.

  1. Championship prize - $1,000,000 Plus

If you have gone through the FCFL manual, you have seen the part where the games present an opportunity for big winnings, yes? Well, the championship games come with a minimum prize of $1,000,000: that could be any amount! The coaches and the players get 50 percent of the prize money while the fans get the remaining 50 percent.

The allocation of the prize depends on the number of successful plays called, the rushing yards gains, the passing yards gained, and the touchdowns scored.

  1. Rewards and Prizes

Every FAN token is your direct ticket to winning great prizes and rewards. All FAN token owners are eligible to win via sweepstakes. The sweepstakes range from team merchandise or game consoles to state-of-the-art travel packages and fan experiences.

The sweepstakes are held once a month during the season. You have to be active to get into the random draws – active, in that you have to use the FCFL app during the week prior to the draws. You have to follow the rules they set out too.

  1. VIP Tiers

Depending on the number of tokens under your name, you can get complimentary tickets to the games, access to special seating, or in-venue access. There also are free Virtual Front Office subscriptions and unique in-app avatars, to be won, among others.

Other benefits include:

  1. In-app purchases

  2. Future token issuances

  3. Discounts

  4. Play-Calling win bonuses

With these benefits in store for you, it is only a matter of time before you hold control of the largest football leagues.

Links of interest:

Website: https://fcfl.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/fcflio


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