FintruX Review: Using Blockchain Technology for Crypto Loans

Blockchain technology can help you make the right choice and invest your money in reliable businesses. However, before doing so, it is vital to perform a thorough research.

The market is oversaturated, and you are probably feeling overwhelmed. There are many choices, and most companies sound interesting enough to consider them a worthy investment.

Still, the lending market can be quite risky, and if you don’t know how to navigate it properly, there is a slim chance you will be a successful investor.

Because of that, we have decided to offer you a helping hand. In this review, we will talk about the FintruX Network, its features, and why you should invest in them.

What is it?

FintruX uses blockchain technology to connect reliable borrowers and lenders.

Lending market is risky because you never know if you are going to receive your money back. Moreover, borrowers often have to pay high-interest rates because of that same risk.

The main aim of this company is to create a risk-free blockchain lending system. By using their platform, you will not have to demand high-interest rates because you will know that the other party will undoubtedly pay the money back. Thus, you will be able to invest without any worry.

They plan to make both parties happy. This can be achieved through an automated platform and the blockchain system. It will remove all physical barriers and lower the system expenses.

How does it work?

The main difference between FintruX and its competitors is the low risk. By using their platform, an investor can insure himself in case of an unpaid loan.

If you have ever participated in the lending market, you probably already know the risks. Often, investors cannot get their money back, and that leads to many unsolvable disputes. However, FintruX wants to change the market and help both parties collaborate efficiently.

The platform will use smart contracts to remove any ambiguity. That way, there will be no disputes or confusion, and both parties will be able to get what they need. In addition, they will also implement a matching service that will help the users find their perfect lenders or borrowers. Hence, the whole lending process will be a lot simpler.

FintruX keeps 10% of all loans as a collateral. However, even though this may sound bad, borrowers will have some advantages. They will be paying low-interest rates because the platform eliminates all risks. Meanwhile, lenders can get insured against unpaid loans.

How to participate?

FintruX uses FTX tokens, and you will have to buy them during the upcoming sale if you want to participate. The sale will last for two weeks, and during that time, you should decide whether or not you want to become an investor.

You can buy the tokens with ETH. 1 ETH equals to 1500 FTX tokens. If you buy them when the sale starts, you will get a discount (5 to 10%). Therefore, it is crucial to be quick if you want to buy them at a lower price.

However, bear in mind that some countries cannot participate in the sale. United States, China, and Canada have already forbidden Initial Coin Offerings.

Final Verdict

FintruX appears to be a fantastic company with a valuable cause. Their website doesn’t raise any red flags, and it seems that they have a solid plan that could change the lending market forever.

Their platform allows investors and borrowers to collaborate without an intermediary. That will significantly lower their expenses, and help them establish a better lending experience.

In addition, everything is done through FTX tokens and smart contracts, which will further enable them to grow a valuable network of clients.

Matching borrowers to their potential lenders is also an incredible idea that will certainly allow for more transparency in the lending market.

Therefore, the company is a good investment that will certainly help you gain access to many lending opportunities.