Foods You Need to Consume During Winters to Stay Fit & Lose Weight by Wellthyfit

Foods You Need to Consume During Winters to Stay Fit & Lose Weight

Food to Consume in Winters to Stay Fit

Weight gain during the winter season seems absolutely inevitable. During winter’s the intake of lip smacking delicacies seems to be on a rise while the physical activity schedule goes for a complete toss. Reason? During winters not only would you get to witness a lot of weddings but a bunch of parties which bring in Christmas and the new year. Not to forget the cold weather compels you to reach out for some hot and warming foods namely burger, pizza, fried chicken, fries so on and so forth. While it might satisfy your hunger and make you feel really good did you actually realize how many calories have been gobbled up in one go? You may or you may not but its actually leading to the winter weight gain. But fret not keep the following tips in mind and you would be able to overcome the fear of gaining weight.

Here are 5 diet rules which you need to follow this winter-

1. Make Fruits & Vegetables Your Best Friends-

Eat Fruits and veggies for good health and weight loss

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Eat fruits and veggies for good health!!Fruits and vegetables are a storehouse of fiber which can not only fill you up but would also provide you with a great dose of antioxidants and nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium and folic acid.

Stock up on fruits rich in Vitamin C such as orange, sweet lime, grapefruit, guava which can also help in keeping cold and flu at bay.