The company’s ‘’Macro Computer’’ is formed by a virtual bond that underlines all servers in Friend’s possession. That bond is what is referred to as the Friend Network. There are multiple servers, and each of these is dedicated to processing different user activities as well as loading distribution and scaling. There’s also a decent number of servers which maintain unique services such as messaging protocols, external network integration, and network processing.

Being an interactive user marketplace, The Friend Store elevates itself from the position of being just a simple application programming interface (API). As a platform, the store offers detailed descriptions of the products along with screenshots and videos. It also makes great use of various extensions, software updates, and plug-ins. In its own way, Friend Store mimics what Google Play Store established.

Friend Store offers a fairly decent user-friendly system to its users which enables them to make the best of Blockchain technology. When you connect your account to the products that are in the Store, it offers you an option to simply ‘’install’’ whatever your interests are. There are multiple Friend Apps which are built, packaged and released by numerous developers. This is just one way of eliminating the barrier between users and appropriating many technologies to a wider audience at the same time. If you’ve ever installed any kind of extension for your Chrome browser, or an app for your phone you know how simple and easy it is. It’s safe to say that this process is just as easy and that their availability is increasing day by day.

Whatever you purchase, whether that be an app or anything else, it immediately becomes available on every other device that you might use. You can use multiple devices and sync them as long as they are connected to one and the same user account. The installation is processed and forwarded to your cloud computer. The cloud computer does not have any limitations when it comes to the operating system from which you access it. It is, surprisingly enough, compatible with almost anything that you approach it with.

Storage Space

Nowadays, it’s a common issue among smartphone, tablet, and PC users to run out of their storage space. Not only do common users suffer from this but the developers too. Since technology is rapidly advancing it creates room for new and improved platforms, programs, operating systems, etc. Today, you have program categories such as image editing software, video games, virtual music stores, you name it. It would be an ideal world if we could have unlimited access to everything, including how much we could store. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Photo collections or video game data tends to eat up your memory card surprisingly quick.

Friend addresses this issue by introducing its Cloud Computer. It refers to a computer that is virtual in its entirety. Since FriendUP is in official partnership with storage providers such as Fluence, there is a way to increase your capacity severely. Some of the alternatives would be Storj and IPFS (InterPlanetary File System).

The usage or Fiat and Tokens

FriendUP adds an option to access FNT (Friend Network Token) transactions and use them to fund your projects. They hope to increase the value of this digital currency by showcasing this interesting utility.

Friend Store offers its users a chance to pay using fiat as well. This is one of its unique features. Friend Network AS has purposefully organized its monetary system in a way that it covers currencies such as Dollars, Euros, and invoices. Such a system is convenient to newcomers who are just getting into token business because it promotes the Blockchain community. The fact that makes it unique is that it gives companies worldwide a chance to connect and mutually benefit from this decentralized technology.

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