The XY Oracle Network is a paramount step forward, the first blockchain’s Proof of Location Oracle network, with already more than 1 million location-verifying beacons all over the world. Get whitelisted for token sale today, and be among the first ones to experience extraordinary possibilities XYO brings.

Bitcoin and Ethereum - Just a Beginning

The way a regular person lives, works, travels, shops, communicate, etc. has drastically changed over the years, thanks to the development of technology. Back in the 90s, the Internet was a major breakthrough, and nothing was quite the same after it became available to everyone.

In 2009, another breakthrough came into existence - Bitcoin. It transformed online transactions for good, making them safer, easier, and faster. All of this was made possible by a technology called “blockchain”. Blockchain makes transactions transparent, secure, and decentralized. Consequently, we got “trustless” transactions, possible between people who don’t have to know each other. Also, the need for a trusted third-party has been eliminated.

After Bitcoin, an even bigger breakthrough was Ethereum, which opened a whole new world of possibilities. “Smart contracts”, one of Ethereum’s main features, allowed for contracts to be written in code and executed when certain conditions are met. Ethereum made a huge impact on the world in record time and changed the way people do business online.

Location Data

The next logical step was to bring blockchain to the real, physical world. Since we use location data every day, all the time, and everywhere in the world, we are becoming more dependent on it. In order to make a more significant advancement and walk into an efficient technological future, we have to be able to trust location data.

Location technologies that we are now using are insufficient for further advancement, and with that in mind, the XY Oracle Network was developed. Using the crypto-location ecosystem, XYO has the ability to make trustless location data a reality.

Blockchain Technology in the Real World

Every blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and tokens focused solely on the online world. These economic tools have been designed only for online applications. Even though huge success was made, the offline market, which is still the biggest, has been neglected.

Location-based technologies are here to make the change you have been waiting for. A location-based consumer product business has been developed, with the aim to get GPS and Bluetooth tracking beacons out into the world. In addition, after years of research and hard work, location-focused blockchain technology has been brought to the real world.

XY has made it possible for people to track real-world items in real-time, by simply using their smartphones. Over 1 million location beacon devices are going around the world. The XY Oracle Network is the largest network of Bluetooth and GPS devices in the world.

Furthermore, XY allows smart contracts to enter the real world as well. By using the network’s ecosystem, you can determine if an object is at a certain XY-coordinate. If it is, you can set up applications which will execute transactions in smart contracts.

What Else

The XY Network is efficiently utilized in eCommerce, hospitals and medical care, commercial airline luggage logistics, rental car agencies, insurance agencies, national security agencies, drone package delivery systems, etc. Use in high-value diamonds and rare stones, gaming, and autonomous self-driving vehicles is next to come.

Get Ready

Overall, with an infrastructure that has the power to set up the very first decentralized location-authentication system in the world, XYO is onto something truly revolutionary. XYO Tokens will be available for purchase in the coming weeks. To be rewarded adequately, make sure to join as soon as possible, since XYO Tokens will only be available through exchanges after the sale has ended. Don’t miss out the potentially biggest blockchain breakthrough in the history of blockchain - its arrival to the real world.

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