GB system is based on blockchain, a system designed to facilitate transparency. Before entering into a transaction, both ordinary and professional cryptocurrency traders ought to enter into a smart contract. With that done, there are virtually unlimited gains that come with being part of this expansive system that seeks to encompass every service cryptocurrency users interact with as they transact.

About GB System

The GB System is a decentralized financial industry that eliminates third parties between their services rendered and clients. They are a closed economy meaning one has to be within their network to enjoy full benefits.

By December 2017, negotiations to join Kraken and Bitrex were well underway. The end of the token sale will initiate the process of having GBCN be part of other equally large crypto exchanges. The company has applied for several licenses to become a global service provider and transact under central banks. The said central banks are those of Russia and the European Union. They would like to be service providers in investment funds, credit cards, Fin Cen, cryptocurrencies exchange and insurance activity.

About the GB System Token

The GBCN are smart contract ERC20 that are on Ethereum. It got selected because it was thought the most flexible and reliable platform by the company.

40 000 000 GB Coin tokens are available on. 50% of these tokens are on sale and in free circulation. The other 50% will remain as reserves within the banking system. The sale dates are December 31, 2017, to May 01, 2018. Accredited investors from Europe, Russia, the US, and China can participate. They are required to purchase a minimum amount of 500 USD worth of tokens, each going for 25 USD. GB System hopes to attract a maximum amount of 600 million USD. Other forms of currencies accepted are BTC and ETH Platform.

There are several entities hosted on GB Systems. They are GB Royal Polo Club, GB Markets, GB Social, GB Grande Finance, GB Grande Bank, GB Fund, GB Network, GB Trade, and GB Port Russia. These services eliminate third party participants when making transactions. The distribution of tokens within the system will be as follows. The GB Wallet, GB Network, GB Markets and GB Fund will get an equal share of 10% each. The Grande Finance and Grande Bank will get 20%, and the remaining systems will get 1% each. The remaining 1% will be for the bounty.

2018 will be a big year for the company. Some of the milestones they hope to achieve are the integration of services such as factoring, P2P-loans, and insurance, the acquiring and processing of payment cards, salary projections in cryptocurrency, creating and crowdfunding platform for their offline businesses and obtaining banking licenses. The latter will allow them to open branches in Eastern and Western Europe, North America, Asia, South America and in Africa.

Another big project wills the starting of their banking services to enhance how their clients get to transact worldwide. Access to financial services will get facilitated through blockchain technologies. Traditional banking services for various entities and persons will be available as well.

B2B-banking is another aspect that will be incorporated into the system. GB System users will be able to make payments to an online retail outlet and other service providers within the network dealing with well-known crypto and Fiat currencies. They also get plastic cards that allow them to pay for goods and services on the go anywhere on the globe.

The currency purse offered by the company is not limited to their coin. With it, this reliable multi-currency purse allows users to create and manage portfolios of various cryptocurrencies and transact as they wish. Conversions will be made possible through their exchange GB Markets.


Benefits of the GB financial system for its clients are vast. Despite their level of expertise in the crypto economy, they have a user-friendly economic platform to interact with. With it, one is able to conveniently access and management assets. Transactions have minimum commissions and investing or receiving money is direct; no third parties involved. They also get to legally use cryptocurrencies to receive payments, salaries and pay taxes. As the year progresses, this is one company to crypto company to watch

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