GBX – The BlockChain Financial Ecosystem

For the creation of a healthier, reliable, reputable, and a sustainable for the crypto economy and community, it is important to develop an ecosystem through which all the operations of the community and the economy will run. GBX has set up this ecosystem to ensure that all the token listings occur in a manner that protects all the participants, especially the startups who rely on token listings to raise capital.

The Ecosystem

This is a comprehensive ecosystem made of three elements divided into P1, P2, and P3.

P1 – GBX

This is the Crypto Harbour. The Crypto Harbour aims to build a world-leading token sale platform and a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

GBX aims to facilitate token sales in a manner that is similar to the existing platforms in governed positions. For this to happen, GBX intends to put in place the best practices, diligent whitelisting procedures, and innovative sponsor staking regimes. These will be coupled by a token marketplace consisting of the highest quality listings, as well as an equally esteemed AML/ KYC-cleared investor pool.

Also, the Crypto Harbor will have advisory, banking and payment services, and corporate services as part of the integrated offerings provide by GBX.

Also, GBX will offer a top-tier centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform necessary for high volume, liquidity, and high-quality cryptocurrencies. This platform which is under construction will feature institutional-grade technological applications, a multi-sig security system, insurance protection, 100 percent auditable reserves, and fiat onboarding capabilities. Therefore, GBX provides the future of cryptocurrency trading.

The other constituents, roles, and the basis of GBX’s Crypto Harbour include:

  • The development, implementation and the integration of GBX Token Sales Platform featuring an advanced KYC systems integration
  • Launch GBX Alliance, Alliance Council, and the Blockchain Innovation Centre
  • Build a network of GBX Sponsor Firms
  • To facilitate GBX License Application (Gibraltar DLTRF) & Capital Requirements
  • Acquire the existing operating service companies and funds to be under the GBX Group

P2 – GSX

This is the Blockchain Based Stock Exchange, and it is the pathway from token listing to public listing.

P2 is set to be the blockchain-based exchange for the capital markets. With this, GSX aims to be the world leader in everything relating to tokenized securities resulting in a whole new level of access, transparency, and liquidity in the capital markets.

There is a proposal for all GBX-listed companies to receive preferred access to list on GSX. This is expected to give crypto start-ups more options for raising capital and for access to a more diverse investor base as they grow.

Also, the GSX listed companies will receive passporting benefits for their prospectus, as well as potential dual listing opportunities on the EU/ London Stock Exchanges.

It will also offer

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange implemented and integrated into GBX
  • The integration of GBX E-Money Services
  • A GBX License Extension (Gibraltar FSC) & Capital Requirements for E-Money Institutions

P3 – The GBX and GSX

This is the comprehensive Crypto Markets Platform. It is an ecosystem which plans to host a complete range of ancillary services from banking and payments to asset management and company formation, as well as the facilitation of dual and multiple listings on the global network of stock exchanges. Through the innovation of the traditional finance and by harnessing the immense power of the blockchain, GBX aims to offer unprecedented opportunities for the crypto communities worldwide.

Some of the service suites include the token sale platform, token sale platform, cryptocurrency exchange, fund services, corporate services, E-money services, and business solutions.

Note that the currency used in the GBX-GSX platform is the Rock Token. This token facilitates all transactions, listings, and functions hence its use as the medium of exchange and the utility coin powering the GBX –GSX ecosystem.

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