Earlier this month, the Hdac team was at the d10e conference at Slovenia, a country widely acclaimed to have the most successful blockchain project per capita in the world. The d10e conference on the other hand, is the leading conference on decentralization which explores the future of Work and Disruptive Culture, Blockchain, Fintech, ICOs and Sharing Economy.

As Hdac is an outfit that is the world’s first Internet of Things (IoT) and payment platform using blockchain, the Hdac team went to present a demo of the first of its’ kind IoT platform.

At the event in where the Secretary of State of the Slovenian government gave a keynote address, Hdac’s Chief Adviser, Mike Costache, delivered the presentation which was the last in the conference. His presentation shed light on what the IoT platform is about and their future plans for the project. Below is the highlight and key points for anyone interested in the project .

As we have previously mentioned, IoT is the contracted form of Internet of Things and it is used to describe the undeniable fact that the world is now gradually becoming a big information centre. That goes to say that with the creation of a lot of ‘smart’ devices, everything that can be connected will soon be made connectible. As such smart phones, smart cars, smart fitness devices, smart homes, smart watches and other smart devices will be created and made connectible with one another, thereby supporting the claim by experts who predict that by 2025, there will be up to 30 billion connected devices in the world.

The main goal at Hdac is to harness the opportunity created in these connectivity and help you go ‘Beyond the Human Pay’. The Hdac team will be doing this by using blockchain technology to reassign contracts to all your smart devices such that life for consuers will be easier! To do this they will be hybridizing blockchain by fusing it with IoT and configuring it as a hidden network that would serve as a safe tunnel between user and devices.

To further stand out, the Hdac team ensured the following:

Chain Connectivity: as there are public blockchains which can be easily accessed by anyone and private blockchains which need some verification before they can be accessed, we will be utilizing the ‘Cue Bridge Node’ that contains key information that would allow one easily link public and private blockchains.

Eco-friendliness: although one would ordinarily think that the enhanced feature of better connectivity devices will be made to have will make them consume more power, the Hdac team will use eProof-of-Work (ePOW) to enhance energy saving.

Enhanced device security: Hdac will be using ‘Quantum Random Number’ with devices so as to prevent issues that could arise from external attacks and invasions.

The Hdac team gave an outstanding performance at the conference and clearly established what the future holds for anyone interested in investing in their project.
The team will be going next to Bucharest and you can be sure that we will provide you excerpts from their outing on here.


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